Monday, January 05, 2009

The Gift 3

Hello, dear Invisible Friends! Hold on!

Did you read about my tasty light lunch?

What about Twirl?

What about the special edition of Twirl?

You did? Fantastic. Now, who is up for a light lunch? I'm buying...

Although I never promote movies or books, I must say I saw for the preview for this on TV today and screamed so loud Ben thought zombies had burst through the patio. I haven't been this excited since Stranger than Fiction.

And now for what you've all been waiting for....what's in the BOX!


"Oh my God," Samantha repeated, staring inside the small silver box.

"What is it?" her friend Ashley asked, her voice laced with curiosity.

"Yes, come on!" Cleo nearly shouted, teetering perilously on the armchair. "What is it? I can't see that far without my contacts?"

Even Jeremy seemed curious. He stood up and wondered over, peering over her shoulder. Samantha glared at him and he blushed, taking a step back.

"It's a flower," Samantha informed them, lifting the tiny bloom out of the box. A deep blush colored lily-like flower with burgundy tips rested in the palm of her hand, no bigger than a quarter. Silver specks glimmered in the bright blue center and the petals sparkled in the dim light. "And look, there's another note!" She plucked a yellowed small scroll out of the box.

"Oh," Cleo cooed. "How cute. A scroll. So old fashioned." She glared up at Jeremy. "Much more appropriate than work out DVDs."

"I'll take it back and get a necklace!" Jeremy sputtered.

"Oh, it's way too late for that," Ashley informed him. "You might as well just roll over and die." She turned to Samantha as she carefully unrolled the tiny scroll. "What's it say?"

Samantha peered down at the thick black ink. "Dear Samantha," she read. "Even this rare bloom cannot compare to your beauty. Until sunset. Love, Me."

"Who is me?" Jeremy demanded, his cheeks turning red. "And what is going on at sunset?"

"Breathe," Ashley snapped. "It's almost ten at night. It's probably from a poem or something."

"Is this flower real?" Cleo wondered aloud, poking at the elegant blooms. "It looks real, but it's so soft. Wouldn't a real flower be rotting right now?"

"I've never seen a flower like that," Ashley pointed out. "I mean, it looks perfect. Like it was carved out of glass or something."

"It's a stupid silk flower," Jeremy sneered, his voice a little too loud. "It's probably just a joke. It's not like you have a secret admirer or anything. I bet Ashley or Cleo did this."

"We did not!" Ashley snapped.

"You're simply the worst boyfriend ever!" Cleo growled.

"Whatever," Jeremy snorted. He plucked the scroll out of Samantha's hand. "It's just some stupid prank."

"And what if it's not?" Samantha's voice was quiet, but hard.

"What?" Jeremy blinked. Samantha swiveled her dark head around, her light green eyes piercing his.

"What if it's not a stupid prank?" Samantha repeated. "What if it is a secret admirer?"

Jeremy snorted. Samantha's eyes flashed, but her voice remained calm. "Just because you don't recognize my value doesn't mean others do not." Jeremy squawked and Samantha shook her head. "I think you should leave. I'm tired and we're going to bed."

"What do you me we?" Jeremy glared at her. "All my stuff is in your room."

"That's easy to fix," Samantha replied, her voice icy. "And I prefer you do it soon. I'm not sharing my room with someone who doesn't appreciate me after three years."

Jeremy's face tightened and he stormed off, slamming the cabin door. Amy and Cleo immediately rushed to their friend.

"I'm ok, I'm ok," Samantha reassured them before they could speak. "I know I sounded harsh, but I'm just frustrated. I really thought"-- Tears sprang to her eyes.

"Oh, honey." Ashley smoothed her hair. "Why don't you go lay down in my room? I'll get your stuff for you later. I'm so wired right now I'll probably watch a movie." Cleo nodded, patting her shoulder. Samantha forced a smile on her face.

"Thanks," she said. Plucking her flower from Cleo, she picked up the tiny scroll Jeremy had dropped on the floor and toddled off to Ashley's room with both pressed to her palm firmly. In Ashley's room, she dropped the tiny flower into a glass of water and slid the scroll under her pillow.

"Love, me," she repeated, shaking her head as she slid under the covers. "Who is me?"

She was asleep immediately. The next morning, she stretched in the early sunlight, careful not to disturb the snoring form of Ashley's next to her. Sliding out of bed, she stood up and stumbled to the dresser. Smiling, she leaned over the glass to finger her floating flower.

Her eyes widened. "Ashley," she whispered. "Look at this!"

To be continued...

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! Tomorrow Bear and Bitty go on a search for a moose. We also have a new BBQ chicken recipe, another Twirl and a interview with the cookie stealing bunny! Stay tuned!


Femina said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

I loved Stranger Than Fiction.

annie kelleher said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog! great one you've got - i enjoyed reading it@!! i'll be back! :)

Bunny said...

You're so good at these darn cliffhangers Miranda! You're driving me nuts!!!LOL

Katherine Aucoin said...

You're killing me! Have I told you that lately??? I've gotten caught up on your blog and am amazed by your energy level. You are writing so many different story lines at one time, work fulltime and take care of your hubby by feeding him cionnaomon rolls for dinner (the homegirlz are pettioning for adoption btw) question do you have time to take to Austin off for ribs and pecan pie?

Heather said...

this gets better every tie :)

Marjie said...

I missed Sunday and there was Twirl! This new box story is another great one, Duckie!

Kristina P. said...

Great cliffhangers!!

Ingrid said...

What, look what?! Love the story it's right up there with my fave, Twirl!

Teresa R said...

Hah - kicked the inconsiderate boyfriend out...I liked that! ;)

How do you keep so many story lines going in your head?

Diana said...

"You might as well just roll over and die."

Haha - you had me laughing out loud there! :) Can't wait to read the rest!

Cindy said...

Ohhh, I just can't wait for more!!

♥Reeni said...

I love it!! Can't wait to see who it's from!

pixen said...

Happy New Year and big Hello!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to cook the Kaffir Lime Curry Chicken for you :-D

Firstly, you got me staring at your site non-blinking reading up all your writings! You're very creative and it's not easy to make me sit in front of any Stranger Than Fiction books :-) Ok I admit I'm a huge fan of suspense, fiction & non-fiction but If you keep going on like this I think you have another fan and have to create e-book for me :-D

Happy New Year with all the best wishes and success 2009!

debilyn said...

if it's pecan pie, i'm TOTALLY in!!
and your blog is absolutely awesome!...thanks for stopping by mine =)

Chef E said...

Oh, I gave you a TMI Award for being so creative and nice!

meuse ardennes said...

I love your blog

Good evening to all

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I'm still here but feeling like I'm drowning after the holidays. So much still to do. Grandparents left yesterday so life will be back to normal soon. More time at home and to blog. Still working on our little friend's next date. Sorry it's taking me a little longer than I hoped.

Bobbi Jo said...

Stranger Than Fiction sounds familiar but having a hard time remembering. Maybe my age! he he
You are an amazing writer.
What DVD's did you order from Amazon? I would love to hear your reviews. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Spring Fricks said...

Well, I am glad she kicked Jeremy out. Workout DVD's. Ugh. So, now I have to wait to see who the admirer is....

And, I am screaming with you. Inkeart looks awesome!

Michele said...

OK, now I am left hanging. I'll be back for more! :-)

Lorraine E said...

Haha the queen of the cliffhanger strikes again! :) I'm dying to know what happened to the flower!

Prudy said...

Dear little Duckie:
I had not one but two surprise packages in my mailbox today! The first was a bumpy package with two surprises for me and my Sailor girl plus a story. Hooray! Thank you so much for your kindness! What a happy holiday we are enjoying still. The second surprise package was from Lulu. A beautiful red book with a wonderful and sweet introduction and dedication, not to mention a lovely and hilarious description in the back. What's in between, I still don't know since it was snatched out of my hands by my 7 year old. I'm sure I won't get it back till she's done. She keeps looking up just to tell me how much she loves it. Thanks for stretching our holiday out even longer and for sharing your humor, talent, and kindness with us. You're the best!

The Sugar Fairy said...

I'm hooked on your stories. They're great!

Gloria Chadwick said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to meet another blogger from San Antonio! I couldn't find your email address to respond to the comment you left on my blog. Please email me; it's on my profile. Thanks. :)

jenjen said...

Duckie --

Thanks for the cute card you sent me. You are so sweet. I LOVE your book. It is wonderful.

Thanks for being such a great blogging friend. I can't wait to see what is going to happen with this one..


blueviolet said...

You are going to be famous one day. Talent just oozes out of you.

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm, I don't know if this is good or bad, but I haven't heard of Inkheart. I watched the trailer and it looks REALLY interesting! Did you read the book? And btw...funny, funny lunch post!

Debbie said...

How do you always know when to leave us hanging? It just isn't fair!!!

Sandy Toes said...

I love your new hair is so pretty!!!
Now I get the blonde that you? Okay..yes, I am blond..well, now I can thank the "bottle" for that!
-sandy toes

noble pig said...

Hey Ms. Fabulous another great story...I'm not sure how you find the time!

Marie said...

Oh gosh...I can't wait to read what falls from the ends of your fingertips next!! This is wonderful Duckie! Ohh, and I squealed when I saw the preview as well!! I can't wait. It looks fantastic!! Love you loads and loads! XXOO

Karen said...

What an engaging story you have going're like an online Dickens with your daily installments :)

Pam said...

Oh Duckie, I love this story. Who is he and will he show up at sunset?

Jan said...

Rats, I thought we were going to get to the bottom of this mystery. At least we know what's in the box, and she's had the good sense to give Jeremy the boot.

You really know how to leave your readers wanting more. :-)

Juliet said...

One mystery after another... :) I'm glad I now know what was in the box.. even if I don't know who it was from. :(.. love your stories!!

freefun0616 said...