Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gift 2

Wait! Did you read the newest Twirl? What about the End of Kitchen Magic? You did? Ok, proceed.

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As Samantha stared at the tiny box in her apron pocket, her friend Ashley breezed into the kitchen. She peeked over Samantha's shoulder.

"What's that?" she asked, nodding toward the box.

"I don't know," Samantha whispered, pressing a hand to her lips. Her cheeks were warm and hurt from smiling. "I found it hidden in the hutch. Look at what it says. 'To Samantha; love, me.'"

Ashley gasped. "Do you think Jeremy"--

"It has been three years," Samantha replied, grasping the box so hard her fingers turned white. "And he did tell me I'd love it and it would change my life."

Ashley squealed and grabbed her shoulders. "Oh my God, I'm so excited! You'll be Mrs. Jeremy Johnson!"

"I know!" Samantha screeched, jumping up and down.

"And it'll be so perfect," Ashley simpered. "You can get married right after you finish grad school and then buy a house and then have a baby"-- She bit her lip and wiggled her eyebrows. "Oh my God, I have to tell Cleo. Start thinking of your colors!" She rushed out of the kitchen, her empty glass forgotten on the counter.

With fresh batteries in her camera and a cookie between her fingers, Samantha slid the tiny package in the back pocket of her jeans and sashayed into the living room. Her friends passed around cookies, brownies and golden pastries, laughing and talking.

"Samantha!" her friend Cleo cried. "There you are! Are you sure your parents don't mind us staying up here in their cabin?"
Samantha snorted.

"It's not like they don't have others," she grinned. "Besides, it's not like my graduate-school apartment measures up to this."

"Who cares about school?" Jeremy interrupted, peeling his lips off the bottle of wine he was holding. The red liquid inside was disappearing rapidly. "It's time for presents!"

The small group of friends buzzed as they pulled out small bags and boxes and exchanged them. The next few minutes were a flurry of flying paper, giggles and shouts. Samantha beamed and thanked her friends for their kind gifts, placing them next to her in a plush velvet armchair. The tiny box stabbed her in the tailbone as she sat back, a not-so gentle reminder. Trying to stay focused on the others, it took her a moment to notice Jeremy tapping his foot next to her.

"Here, darling," he slurred, shoving a gold bag overflowing with white tissue paper at her. "Merry Christmas!"

Samantha sucked in her breath as she picked up the golden bag. Of course he would have gotten her two gifts. This had to be exceptional. She bit her lower lip as she shook it gently. The bag rustled, teasing her to open it.

"You're going to love this," Jeremy boasted, rocking back and forth on his heels. "This is going to rock your world, honey. This is going to change your life forever. You'll love it."

"I'm sure I will," Samantha murmured under her breath. She exchanged glances with Cleo and Ashley, who simpered knowlingly. A giggle bubbled from her throat and she tried to stop her hands from shaking.

"You're so sweet honey," she cooed, flinging the tissue paper in the air with two fingers. "That was so kind of you to--The Ab Blaster Super Pro DVD set?" She pulled the offending box out of the bag and cocked her head. "You got me an Ab Blaster set?"

"There's more," Jeremy urged, beaming.

"I should hope so," Samantha muttered. She reached into the bag and pulled out an envelope. Wrinkling her brow, she slid out a card and read it. "A year -long gym membership? With free personal training?" She glared at Jeremy. "What are you saying? You think I'm fat?"

"No, not fat honey," Jeremy chuckled. "Just kinda curvy. I mean you've been having to study so much lately and you're always complaining that you hate the school gym"--

"So you think I'm totally huge?" Samantha screeched. Tears filled her eyes and her black pants suddenly looked as though they were encasing sausages. Wrapping an arm around her stomach, she pushed the DVDs away. "I thought you were going to propose!"

Jeremy coughed and turned red. "Uh, honey, where'd you get that idea?"

"From this!" Samantha wailed, pulling the tiny box out of her back pocket. "It was hidden in the hutch!"

Jeremy shook his head. "That's not from me."

Samantha looked at Cleo, then Ashley. They shook their heads. She looked at her other friends, who also shook their heads.

"Then who is it from?" Samantha asked, her wounded pride forgotten for a moment.

"Open it," Ashley urged. She glared at Jeremy. "Maybe it'll be something to make you feel better."

Jeremy threw his hands up in the air and huffed in exasperation. "I thought girls liked to work out. Sorry."

Ignoring Jeremy, Samantha peeled the paper off the small silver box. Lifting the lid, she gasped. "Oh my God."

To be continued...

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! Tomorrow, we have an Ode to Cinnamon Toast and how I love thee. Then we have New Years Resolutions for the Pond, the first post of the New Recipe series and a new Twirl! Get ready for some whimsical fun at the Pond!


Spring Fricks said...

Ahhh, where's the rest of it??? I can't wait to read the rest of it. This was so good.

Okay, it feels good to be back in the blogging world. Have a great Monday.

Cindy said...

Hey what's in the box??? Come-on!!

Princess Of Pink said...

GGGRRR!! lol, I NEED to know the rest! That blasted Jeremy!!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

...and so you continue to leave us hanging. You should write for soap operas. You do the cliffhanger very well.

Pam said...

I would kill my husband if he bought me that gift. I am so curious - what's the gift and who's it from?????

It's All Good said...

Thanks for visiting! Your desserts look awesome, I have such a sweet tooth, the holiday season treats are just one big tease for me haha!

Ingrid said...

Hurry up I need to know what's in the box!

noble pig said...

You are bad! Tell me what's in there...send me an email. K?

Reeni said...

OH!! I have to know, what's in the box!!? Please don't make us wait too long...........

Heather said...

you're killing me!

and i cannot believe he got her that for christmas!!

growingupartists said...

I love these exerpt by exerpt online novels. Reminds me of Pioneer Woman's "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels". Thanks for inviting me in!

LORI said...


Jane said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees go on what's in the box? Hope its better than the gym membership and DVD. Thats as bad a being given a dress two sizes smaller than you are for a birthday present by a boyfriend! grr needless to say he got dumped (many eons ago). Jane x

Anonymous said...

Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Diana said...

Ahh! No fair! But funny nonetheless. :) A gym membership is NEVER an acceptable present!

Maria said...

What is in that box? We all want to know!

Marjie said...

Typical man. Next thing you know, he'll be telling her this new vacuum cleaner is just awesome! So who did give her the box????

Juliet said...

What is in the box???? :) And yes, her boyfriend is not very smart. ha ha :)

Corinne said...

You have to promise to sign a book to me when you publish it so I can say I know a famous author, and people will go "Oh her, I've heard of her, she's great! How the heck do you know her!? Wow!"


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Pretty box! Have a wonderful new year!!!

Chef E said...

Duckie you have inspired me...I finally started my serious writing blog...insNoutsofE...

jenjen said...

What's in the box???? I can't wait to find out! Hope things are well in the land of Bitty and Bear.


Bunny said...

I think I would've beat him over the head with the ab blaster!!!! I'm glued to the screen for the next installment Miranda!!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

BD, how I love reading your stories. Have a very Happy New Year. May all your wishes for the new year come true. Big hugs.

Lorraine E said...

Duckie, the Queen of the Cliffhanger strikes again! :P I have to say that giving someone, especially a curvy woman a gym membership and an AB blaster would be the quickest way to an early grave!

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello my creative friend,
Thank you for thinking of me and leaving me comments. I really appreciate you taking time to say hello to me.

Have a very happy New Year.... I will keep in touch better when I get my lap top fixed and my family are gone. Hugs, Lura

Marie said...

GRRRRR . . . I wanna know what's in the box now!!! You are so naughty making us wait like this!!! lol I owe you an e-mail Duckie! I'm all alone at work today so will e-mail you from there. shhh. . . don't tell anyone! lol

Nicole O'Dell said...

Your blog is really fun!
I'm visiting from SITS (a saucy blog this week). I noticed that we have a lot in common--kind of. I describe myself as a duck and I'm a newly published author and a writer.

I'll be following along.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh you've gone and one it again! How the heck will I ever keep up with that busy busy mind of yours!!! :)

Jan said...

I'm still dangling. :-) Well done, Duckie.

Anonymous said...