Friday, September 08, 2006

One of Those Faces part 2

As we discussed in the original "One of Those Faces", I talk to everyone. And everyone talks to me- and not just my Invisible Friends. Now, these fine folks just don't talk to me, they talk to me. About anything and everything. Especially everything.

At the post office today, a woman walked up behind me. She asked how long I'd been waiting, staring at the enormous line sneaking out of the doors into the lobby. I explained I had just walked in, but didn't think it would take very long.

She had big green eyes, olive skin, and shiny black hair. She was wearing white scrubs and tennis shoes. Bing! I thought. A nurse.

"I don't usually get out during the day," she said quietly, checking her watch repeatedly. "I never come out at this time."

I stared at her, wondering if she was a hermit. A hermit in scrubs. Could be interesting. "Do you work the night shift?" I asked. "Or do you just not travel during the day?"

She explained that she worked the night shift and came in around 3. Around 7 or 8, she took her daughter to school and went to school herself. She was graduating nursing school in October, and was absolutely exhausted. She had dark circles under her eyes. I glanced down and didn't see a ring. I asked how old her daughter was, and she said 5.

Before I could stop her, I knew that she got pregnant at 20. She kept herself from getting pregnant in high school by working a job. All her friends had 2-3 kids when they graduated. And she just kept going. By the time I was called to the counter, I learned how she supported herself and how she hated Austin. I knew what her daughters school was and her religion. I knew her.

As soon as I was called up, I waved goodbye. And I left smiling to myself. I don't know her name or if I'll ever see her again, but I do know she worried about strech marks when she was pregnant. Once again, I just have one of those faces. So go on, Invisible Friends. Anything you need to tell me?