Thursday, September 14, 2006

Boogers and Basketballs

For months now, I have been looking for a job. I quit talking about it to my Invisible Friends so as to keep the conversation light and fresh. Mainly, it was because anytime I talked about needing a job they started screaming and jabbing their fingers into their ears.

My freelance work is doing better than I expected. For a unknown college grad, people seem to like me. They really really like me. And I like them too. Still, the publishing world runs on 'pay on publication' and they love to drag out those paychecks. So, in order to keep doing what I love, I began looking for a part time job. And today, I accepted one.

As of Monday morning, I will be a part-time after school teacher. I'll get to teach in an art room, a 'cafe', a library, and tutor kids. For 20-25 hours a week, I hold these children's mental well being in my hands. It's a terrifying thought.

But, I'm absolutely delighted about it. This is a very YUPPIE daycare/preschool, so I actually have to make lesson plans and plan activities. I get to teach and do what I want without all the bothersome structure and rules of a state curriculum. You might as well have given a pyro a stick of dynamite and a match.

The fate of The Pond's children rest in my warped hands. They might want to run.