Wednesday, September 20, 2006


If you hadn't guessed by now, I live in a Big Pond. I tend to stay in my Pond, which is a smaller part of the big pond. It's like the little pond created from run off, which a few lilypads to hop over to reach the Big Pond.

Sometimes, even my Pond feels too big. I tend to like to dwell in my house and my favorite haunts, which do not include overcrowded supermarkets or Walmarts. The only thing that happened when I went to one supermarket was I nearly ripped a few people's carts apart. The store was full with chattering housewives. The housewives pushed their carts nearly as quick as their giant SUV's in the parking lot. They would plant their carts in the center of the aisle and dawdle, lingering. As if that wasn't enough, they would run into a fellow PTA member and gossip while I tried to squirm around them and ignore their inconvenienced glares. Obviously, talking about Billy's trombone lessons is a lot more important than common courtesy. These same dawdling imbecile would then swoop in front of me in the line. With two screaming mini-imbecile, they would dump the contents of their cart onto the register. Since their cart was piled to the rafters, this took awhile. Therefore, every time I went to the supermarket I developed a rage attack and suffered murderous thoughts. It wasn't very healthy.

Still, what was I to do? All the supermarkets near me were of this giant variety, with people pouring out of every end like ants on a hill. I had considered myself doomed to battle the grocery store forever. And then I found it.

Tucked away by a new library on a sidestreet stood my salvation. A smaller supermarket with a small parking lot. While still peppered with cars, it had less SUV's and more Cadillacs. I drove up cautiously. I saw several young mothers and grandparents shopping. At this, I leaped out of the car in delight. A frenzied examination of the store had satisfied me. This would be my store from now on.

Now, going to the grocery store is enjoyable. The aisles are quiet and full. Elderly people glide around as they speak to each other on the far side of the aisles. The freezers are always full, the fruit is always fresh, and the children are well behaved. The store is so small it almost has a serene feel to it, like an old country grocery. I know it's funny to say, but I'm truly comfortable there. In a time where everything is hurried and people are wanting all brand, no substance- it's nice to have a small place where things are a bit behind. Gentleman offer me carts and smile demurely in the aisles. Ladies wave and smile as I pass. Sometimes, when I'm particularly whimsical (or demented, whichever you prefer) I pretend they know my name. I pretend I have been going there for years and they've watched me grow up. Sometimes, I think I can almost feel it is real.

What truly cinched the deal was the first day I left. Not only had I discovered My Little Pony birthday decorations, but a butterfly came. It followed me to the car and fluttered about, then was gone. Just as quick as that.

I wasn't worried because I knew what it meant. And that was all that mattered. For now, the Pond doesn't seem as big and intimidating.