Sunday, December 21, 2008

The third date of the Fuzzy Duck and Rubber Chicken

First, I want to welcome all the Invisible Friends from SITS that may have wondered over to check out my new book, The Twelve Tales of Christmas. This whimsical collection of stories features everything from sweet Christmas romances under the mistletoe to fun children's stories. It was professionally edited by a published author.

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  • When Rosalita winds up at a costume ball on Christmas Eve, she's just looking forward to pulling off her Edwardian dress and having some pizza. But a mysterious stranger from her past will change everything...
  • Iris wants nothing more than to fall in love for Christmas. But past holidays have taught her she's better off avoiding the mistletoe. When a job turns into something more, she begins to hope this is true love...
To order a copy, go here. Another way is to click on the blue button under the photo of my cover and go straight to the ordering site. You can also go to and type in my name and the title or go to my store front here. I hope you enjoy it!

Now, since you're here, why not settle in and read about the Fuzzy Duck's third date with the rubber chicken? Fellow SITSta Nichole and I have been chronicling our fowl friends' budding love affair for awhile. The couple first discovered each other through a simple blog entry, then went on a date. Things worked out so well they went on a second date!

But this date, the Silver Nemesis of the Fuzzy Duck threatens to ruin their budding love affair!

Read all about it....

A scream tore from the charming pastel cottage on 897 Feather Lane.

"I have nothing to wear!" the Fuzzy Duck wailed, banging her wings against her closet doors.

"What about your gold webbed heels?" her friend the mermaid asked, balancing on her seahorse charge.

"So outdated," the Fuzzy Duck sniffed.

"Your red flirty fringe dress?"

"Too dressy," the Fuzzy Duck wailed.

"What about the pale blue skirt and leaf top?"

"Not Christmasy enough!" the Fuzzy Duck cried. Bursting into tears, she threw herself on the floor. "Whatever will I wear! This is my third date with the Rubber Chicken! He's taking me to the Gingerbread House!"

"Really?" Her friend the mermaid was impressed. "That's a really fancy place."

"I know!" the Fuzzy Duck wailed.

Finally, her friend peeled the Fuzzy Duck off the floor and styled her feathers. Cheered, the Fuzzy Duck set off on her date.

She got to the Gingerbread House early and went inside to wait. To her surprise, the Rubber Chicken was already waiting. He handed her a bouquet of flowers and blushed.

"You look beautiful," he stuttered. "Every time I see you...I just..."

"What?" the Fuzzy Duck murmured, keeping her beak downcast demurely.

"I can't believe a duck as gorgeous as you would want to see an old chicken like me," he finished, grinning sheepishly.

"Oh," the Fuzzy Duck whispered, turning pink. The couple were seated at their table in a dusky corner. After ordering an appetizer of gingerbread, the Rubber Chicken excused himself.

The Fuzzy Duck hummed to herself, shivering slightly in her seat with excitement. She had never met a chicken who could make her feel this way: heart pounding, webbed feet tingling, feathers standing on end.

And then she saw her worst nightmare threading through the crowd towards her.

"Hi, darling!" the Silver Bird cried, plopping down next to her. "How's it going?"

"Wonderful," the Fuzzy Duck snapped. "I'm on a date. Please leave!"

The Silver Bird giggled. "You? On a date?"

"With the Rubber Chicken," the Fuzzy Duck informed her.

"Really?" The Silver Bird cocked her head. "I hear he's quite wealthy." Preening, she settled into her seat. "I'll just wait to be introduced. After all, I'm sure he'd love to meet me."

Bustling about, she nested into the chair, knocking the Fuzzy Duck in the face with her long silvery tale. Seated next to the glimmering bird, the Fuzzy Duck suddenly felt like a ugly duckling.

"You need to leave!" she snapped. "This is a private dinner for two. The Rubber Chicken won't be happy you interrupted our date."

The Silver Bird cackled. "Darling," she cooed. "Be real. Look at me, and look at you. Whom would a rich, handsome chicken want to date? Honestly. What made you ever think you were worthy of a chicken like that? He was probably just being nice."

The Fuzzy Duck's eyes filled with tears. She looked at her mound of yellow fuzz and back at the sleek, glimmering plumage of the silver bird. She clamped her beak together and bolted towards the bathroom, the Silver Bird's triumphant cry echoing behind her.

Barreling into the bathroom, she flew into the side of a large yellow hen. "I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "Please excuse me."

"You poor little duckie!" the yellow hen cried, scooping her up in her wings. "Tell Edna what's wrong."

Her feathered chest heaving with sobs, the Fuzzy Duck poured out all the details of the date so far. The hen's eyes narrowed and her beak pinched together.

"What a terrible bird," she sniffed. "But darling, you must realize that the Silver Bird is wrong."

"What do you mean?" the Fuzzy Duck asked.

"Well if the Rubber Chicken wanted to date her, he would have," the hen said reasonably. "But it sounds like he's in love with you. Why are you going to let her steal one of the best things that's happened to you?"

"That's true!" the Fuzzy Duck cried, wiping her eyes. She threw her arms around Edna. "Thanks so much!"

"Go get your chicken!" Edna cried, clasping her wings together.

The Fuzzy Duck marched back to the table and thrust her feathers in the Silver Bird's face. "The Rubber Chicken likes me, not you," she snapped. "And I'm tired of you rubbing your silver glitter in my face. You're so mean and superficial. Leave now or security will escort you out."

The Silver Bird's beak dropped. " I never!" she cried, hopping off her chair. "How rude! I had a date with a peacock anyway!" Flouncing off, she swept her silver tail feathers out the door.

The Fuzzy Duck had just sat down when the Rubber Chicken joined her.

"I'm sorry that took so long," he apologized. "I arranged for us to go ice skating and on a hay ride after dinner."

The Fuzzy Duck beamed. "Perfect."

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! Tomorrow we have more Christmas fun, including sweet treats, tales of terrible Chihuahuas and more fun Christmas tales!


Lore said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so happy for you, YOU've made it , yay!
Also love the Fuzzy Duck, she made my day :)

Cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by my lil' spot :)
The story is fantastic!!

Lorraine E said...

Who knew all of this happened, probably while you were asleep! I used to think that when I went to sleep, all of my toys and Christmas tree ornaments came alive and had their "day" and then when we'd wake up we'd swap!

Maryann said...

Now I don't know who I like best! The bunny, the fuzzy duck, or the old rubber chicken. The chicken cracks me up. Oh, I love coming here :)

nikkicrumpet said...

That Edna is a smart old bird!

Teresa R said...

As the proud owner of real and rubber chickens, I'm glued to your blog for more of the Ducky-Chicken romance...LOL! :)

~~louise~~ said...

Charming absolutely charming. This is my very best favorite story. I can't wait to hear how the ice skating, hay ride date goes especially since Silver Bird has been tarnished!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Dear Fuzzy Duck,
I count the days until we meet again and I can hold your soft feathers in my own. You are the most exquisite creature I've ever met. I honestly don't know what you seen in an old fowl like me. When you're on my wing I feel like the luckiest guy on earth. I meant what I said on our hay ride. I am falling madly in love with you my dear. I know it's too soon to say such things but I don't want to play games. I want you to know my heart and soul from the very beginning. They already belong to you.
Love, Yellow Chicken

Michelle said...

I laugh everytime I read this....this story is so adorable. I'd say this is my second favorite little story. Fuzzy duck is SOOOOO adorable. Yellow Chicken couldn't possibly like anyone else. :)

Pearl said...

oh my god i could not stop smiling the entire time i was reading this! how adorable! :)

Marie said...

awww . . . poor fuzzy duck letting that horrible silver bird get to her like that!! (Isn't there someone petty like that awful silver bird in everyone's life!!) I'm so glad that fuzzy duck listened to the big yellow hen. We all know that the rubber chicken loves her, it's about time she realized it herself! Rock on Fuzzy Duck!!! Rock on Rubber Chicken!!! True Love Rules!!!

Debbie said...

I was afraid I was going to have to serve a little silver bird under glass for dinner, just to rescue our sweet fuzzy duck. Glad it all worked out without me needing to jump in.

Marjie said...

Your pictures were really cute with this story, Duckie!

Tiffany said...

We all need an Edna in our life!

Karen said...

Congrats on your book! The story is so cute :) I'm typing this as we're driving into your "neck of the woods" so to speak, we're almost to Dallas after driving all day from Kansas City. Tomorrow we're on to San Antonio for Christmas. Have a great holiday!

Juliet said...

Cute story. I'm glad that the fuzzy duck stood up to the sliver bird. I hope the silver bird learns its lesson. :)

jenjen said...

Ha ha ha -- you are so funny Duckie! I love that she has gold, webbed heels -- hilarious! Your pictures are so cute too! Thanks for the story!


Sara said...

Very cute, you're quite creative!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Congratulation my darling! you've been able to realise your dreams! I'm so proud of you! :-P sorry for my absence but this xmas period is really hectic for my job and I have to follow my beloved blogs only in the speare time..which is..about a couple of mins :-D
I wish you a fantastic xmas dear!

Pam said...

Great story... I love fuzzy duck. I'll be reading this one to my kids in the moring - they love your stories.

I just wanted to say thank you... I got a wonderful little package in the mail today. You truly made my day. I loved the story, and so did my kids - it's really good! I also love my card and the sussy. You are a very special woman and I am glad we're friends. Merry Christmas to you Blonde Duck. Come over for dinner and I'll make you whatever Mexican meal you are craving. xoxo

Julie said...

that is fun to read... thanks for sharing...

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Congratulations on the publication of your book!

I'm certain I saw someone else with that fuzzy thing as a Christmas ornament. It must be because she's so photogenic.

TavoLini said...

hahaha--this is great! I love hay rides.

Prudy said...

I just ordered my very own copy, well my very own copy until Sailor confiscates it! I'm so proud of you!

Chef E said...

Oh, they are dating...I told you that fuzzy chic chick is a Rock Star!

Joanna said...

You go Fuzzy Ducky!

Reeni said...

That was so cute! Loved it! Especially when fuzzy duck called silver bird 'superficial'-that was the best!

Jan said...

Fuzzy Duck is so cute, I'm glad she got her man/chicken.

Tranquility said...

Oh... YAY for Edna! I was worried for a moment when the Fuzzy Duck got up and started to leave, but good 'ol Edna saved the day! We all need an Edna in our lives!

freefun0616 said...