Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been good this year.

Pretty good.

Somewhat good.

I'm a queen. I can do whatever I want.

So anyway, I know it's the night before Christmas Eve, but I have a few requests.

Grab a pen. This may take awhile.

1) I require lots of new toys.

2) Some tasty treats.

3) Three or more human servants to do my will.

And now, Bear has a few things he's hankering for.

1) Some fish for my friend, the Dolphin.

2) More toys to rip the arms off of.

3) A moose to ride on in the backyard. I've never met a moose, but they look like the perfect travel vehicles to go bark at the dog next door.

So Santa, I'd appreciate whatever you could do for me. I'll make sure you're reimbursed with cookies and all sorts of tasty things. I'll be nice to Ace, stop blowing my breath in people's face and quit peeing on carpets.

Well, I'll try.

After all, I am the Queen of the Pond.


Bitty and Bear

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! We have the Shreveport/ Austin Christmas Invasion 2008 post tomorrow and a fun Christmas post. After Christmas, we've got Twirl, the end of Kitchen Magic and Samantha discovers what's in the mysterious box...


Theresa said...

Bitty and Bear I hope Santa brings you lots of toys and treats too!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I have no doubt that Bitty and Bear will not be wanting for much come Christmas morning.

Marie said...

I heard a rumour that Santa was going to be very good to dogs this year, especially precious, domineering female chiuauas and their co-habitors! Merry Christmas Bitty and Bear, and to your Masters, oops Slaves too!!! XXOO

Debbie said...

Well now that arm thing could happen to anyone!

kels said...

oh my gosh, that is so funny! I love the little look she always gives the camera! :)

TavoLini said...

hahaha--I hope Bitty and Bear and their human slaves have a fantastic Christmas :)

I think I need Bitty to lobby Santa for me--she seems to get the job done!

Bunny said...

How could you not love those faces, even when they pee on the carpet! I hope Bitty and Bear have a wonderful Christmas with Santa bringing lots of toys. Miranda I wish you and Ben a blessed Christmas with much love. Merry Christmas sweetie!!

Reeni said...

Who could resist those cute little faces? Not even Santa, I bet! A moose? That is too funny!!

Sara said...

What a cutie!

Prudy said...

You naughty adorable little doggies, I hope you get everything your little hearts wish for. And same to you, duckie.

Ingrid said...

Hope all of the Pond dwellers have a happy and plentiful Christmas! LOL!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Maria said...

I hope Santa brings you everything you want and more! Happy Holidays to you!

Jane said...

Happy Christmas Bitty and Bear and i hope you get lots of lovely presents from Santa, But don't forget to give your humans lots of love and thanks for their present. Jane x

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Merry Christmas dear friend. Have a glorious time with your loved ones. Big hugs.

Erica said...

hahahhahahah so cute! I hope they get everything they want (minus the moose!)

sassy stephanie said...

So funny! I love the "half baked" don't bother me look!

Pam said...

How could Santa resist that face. Too cute.

Rachel Ann said...

I hope Santa brings you the Moose you are asking for!

Marjie said...

Bitty, I hope you, Duckie and Ben get all you want for Christmas. But probably not a moose, because the piles in the backyard would be just ugly.

Love, Thor and his humans.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I nominate this for the best Santa wish list ever by doggies! Believe me, sweet things, you do NOT want a moose in your backyard. ;D

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh too funny lady!!!! I love the squinty eyes glaring out.

Mandy said...

Cute! :) Merry Christmas to you!

Bobbi Jo said...

I think all Queens should get all that they ask for.
Sweet little thing.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

nikkicrumpet said...

She totally deserves a moose!!!!

jenjen said...

Merry Christmas Bitty and Bear. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brings you lots of yummy treats and stuffed animals to enjoy! (you too Duckie!)


PS -- Thanks for the Christmas story -- we love it!!!

noble pig said...

I can only imagine what Santa is going to bring them! I can't wait to see!

Cathy said...

I will look forward to the complete post-Christmas report about whether Bitty was pleased with her Christmas haul. Merry Christmas, Duckie!

Michelle said...

Santa won't be able to deny this cute little Queen. :) Happy Holidays!!!

Elle said...

Hi there. I'm glad you stopped in too! Let me know if you make the cookies.

P.S.--I certainly hope your puppy gets all her Christmas wishes!

Elle said...

Whoops--I hope BOTH puppies get all their Christmas wishes

Heather said...

hah! how did i miss this?! it's so cute :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh I just know Santa HAD to be good and fulfill all the wishes!! Who could resist??

Anonymous said...