Friday, December 12, 2008

Peanut butter for two, a date and a award

Before we read about where Wade is taking Vivi, I have someone to thank.

My dear buddy Marie gave me this lovely Friends award yesterday. Now, this is how good of a friend Marie is. Her post yesterday was about her lovely illustrations being rejected by card companies, and she spent a great deal talking about her lovely friends she was awarding. As someone had been rejected by dozens of publishing companies, I know how it can gut your soul and make you feel like you've been ripped to shreds. Marie has been my strongest supporter and encourager, and is a large part behind my book that is being published this weekend. Without her, I'd probably still be churning out book after book to get rejection after rejection.

Since I can't give her the award, I'll pass it on to these delightful Invisible Friends:

1) Grace
2) Bunny
3) Jen
4) Michelle
5) Cathy

I like ya'll. :)

Speaking of liking folks, the Fuzzy Duck and Rubber Chicken have gone on their second date!

Go here to read this fowl love story in the making!

And now, for Vivi and Wade.....

Vivi's eyes flew open as the truck lurched to a stop. She blinked, trying to peel her dry tongue from off her lip. Curled up in the sun, she was so warm and.... Gasping, she shoved herself off Wade's shoulder and stared in horror at his shirt.

"Oh my God," she moaned, clapping her hands on her face. She wiped her mouth and flipped down the visor. Clicking open the mirror, she shrieked. "Oh my God!"

"Have a nice nap?" Wade stifled a laugh as he clicked off the engine.

Vivi refused to look at him. "I drooled on your shirt. I fell asleep on your shoulder and drooled on your shirt. Oh. My. God."

"It was cute." Wade's grin was brighter than the sun reflecting off the mirror.

"My mascara is smeared, my breath tastes terrible and my hair is disgusting," Vivi whined. Her stomach growled and she whimpered. "And now I sound like a truck engine. Why do you like me?"

Bursting into laughter, Wade slid out of the truck door. Vivi continued to stare at her mussed reflection, mentally going through her dance bag as she tried to remember if she had anything to repair the damage. Before she could check, Wade pulled the door open.

"Come on, Wimpy," he teased. "How can you be so tough on the dance floor and so fragile now?"

Vivi responded with her iciest glare. Wade snorted as he helped her down from the cab. Taking a deep breath of the warm air, Vivi clutched her stomach as it roared.

"Can we get something to eat?" she asked. Her head felt light and her stomach felt like it had been drained. "I'm really hungry."

"It's on the itinerary," Wade said. "Come on."

"Come where?" Vivi asked. She blinked, glancing around at the trees and brush that surrounded them at the bottom of the hill. A red shed peeked out from up on the hill, the other mark of civilization around the rocks and cactus.

"Do you have any jeans?" Wade asked, eyeing her tights and tennis shoes. "I don't want you to tear up your dance clothes."

Her eyebrows knitted together. Watching him suspiciously, Vivi pulled her jeans out of her dance bag and slid them over her tights and leotard.

"What are we doing?" she asked, narrowing her eyes as he flushed.

"It's a surprise," he said. Taking her hand, he pulled her up the hill. "Come on."

They had only gone a few steps when Vivi decided she hated grass.

They were almost to the top by the time she decided she hated the outdoors.

By the time they reached the shed, Vivi hated anything that didn't look like lunch. Panting, she glared at Wade. "I'm hungry and you take me hiking? What is that about?"

"Well, we had to get to the horses and the road's still washed out from the rain a month ago," Wade explained. "This was the quickest way."

Vivi felt her stomach drop. "Horses?" She turned to see a tall dark mare and painted stallion behind her, twitching his black tail as he snorted. "Horses," she repeated. "We've got horses."

Wade grinned and ducked into a side room. After some rustling, he came back with a bag over his shoulder. "How many times have you ridden a horse?" he asked.

"Zero," Vivi replied.

Wade nodded. He set his bag on the ground and pulled a saddle off a wooden stand. After brushing down the horse and shaking out the blankets, the painted stallion stood saddled and bridled. Wade tied the bag to the back of the saddle and reached for Vivi's hand. Pulling her over to the horse, he showed her how to climb up and hold the reins. Vivi sat stiff in the saddle, staring at the horse's main as if he might buck any minute.

"Does he bite?" she asked, watching the horse's yellow teeth roll around the bridle.

Wade chuckled and swung on behind her. Reaching around her, he slapped the bridle against the horses neck. "Ya!" he yelled. It was all Vivi could do not to scream as the horse sauntered out of the barn in a lazy trot. Clutching onto the saddle horn for dear life, she tried to keep her hysterical giggles at bay as they flew over brush and past scrub trees. After a few minutes, they reached a small clearing in the shade. Wade climbed off and pulled her down. Pulling the bag off the saddle, he unrolled a towel from a leather strap.

"Hungry, darling?" he asked. Wade spread the towel on the ground and tied the horse to a stump. Unzipping the bag, he pulled out the most glorious thing Vivi had ever seen in her life. Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Cheetos, oatmeal raisin cookies and a bottle of water.

"Oh Wade," she sighed, collapsing on the towel. "It's perfect. I love it." She held her hand out for her food, licking her lips greedily.

Wade handed her a sandwich and grinned. "I thought you would." Vivi tore into her sandwich, chewing with rapture as the peanut butter slid down his throat. Wade took a nervous swig of his water. His blue eyes met Vivi's.

"Can I ask you something?"

To be continued....

Stay tuned, Invisible Friends! This weekend is the release of my Christmas book and a new Kitchen Magic! Check in to see what's going on!


Marie said...

ahhh . . . grrrr . . . you have left me hanging!!!! I so want to know what happens next you "Master Word Smith" you!!! I can see this as a fab movie. You are destined for great things my sweet friend!! OHHH, and thanks so much for your so very kind words about me!!! I am truly humbled by them! I love you to pieces my sweet!!! I can't wait to hear about the new fuzzy duck/rubber chicken saga, and of course the kitchen magic chronicles and everything else you have been up to!!! Your writing is a gift to me, a colossal gift!

Marie said...

Yayy, I got to be first for a change! tee hee!

Spring Fricks said...

This was so good. I love how you left us hanging. Very nice.

Now I have to go see how fuzzy duck and rubber chicken's second date went. LOL.

Katherine Aucoin said...

That was really a tease! I'm in my new favorite position, hanging - lol.

April said...

Hanging, as always! Love your writing.

~~louise~~ said...

Oh my goodness! I've missed so much Duckie. Fuzzy on a dates? Chicken casserole? I must catch up now...

Kudos on the awards, Duckie. Keep those words flowing!

Reeni said...

Aww, how sweet! Congrats on your award, you deserve it and many more!

Joanna said...

Congrats on your award!

Hmm, a hush-hush second date with no pictures, huh? How interesting.

Marjie said...

I get her hating grass and outdoors. Been there. When you need a sandwich, you need a sandwich!

jenjen said...

Ohhh, how sweet. I have such a crush on Wade. Thanks for a great installment. Thanks too for the award!!!! You are so sweet! When can I buy a copy of your book -- I am anxiously awaiting news! So exciting!!! I hope you and Ben are doing something fun this weekend!


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

WOW! I knew you would be a hard act to follow as I could see you are a writer. Now I'm really feeling intimidated knowing you have a book being published. Yellow chicken can't believe he's with such a special lady! Glad you liked what I did.

Pam said...

You have got to STOP leaving us hanging like that!!! What a wonderful and romantic adventure...I love Wade.

Ingrid said...

You're not right leaving us hanging! How long is this sweet torture to go on!?

Congrats on the Friends Award and Marie sounds like she is a very special lady!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

ohhhhto be continued?..oh my! i'm thrilled to know knoe what happens next :-D can't wait this story is amazing!
a kiss

Cathy said...

I just stopped over for my daily dose of entertainment and was tickled to see that you thought of me for the Friends award -- thank you Duckie! You're one of my favorite invisible friends -- I love stopping here to see what you have in store for us every day! -- and am honored that you thought of me. Thank you!

I really love these characters. I especially like that Wade packed PB sandwiches and not something fancy-schmancy -- it makes him more real somehow. And I hope we get to read about fuzzy duck's second date with rubber chicken!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

congrats on the award!!!

Anna Lefler said...

Love it, love it! And congrats on the award!

Looking forward to the next installment...



Anonymous said...

It's a gift to have wonderful supportive friends like Marie :)

Erica said...

yayyy for the award! Your blog is amazing! You deserve it!

Bunny said...

Thank You for the award Duckie, and congratulations to you for recieving it! This story is my favorite!!

noble pig said...

Oh just leave us hanging out there would you! Loved it girly.

Megan said...

Cant wait to see the release of this Christmas book. I love ytour writing!

Maria said...

Don't leave us hanging too long!

Lorraine E said...

Awww no!! Now we're left hanging!! What will Wade ask her?

La Belette Rouge said...

Congratulations!! How exciting about your book release. I wish you lots of luck and much success.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I want to know what he's asking! You are such a good writer!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

are you self - publishing??

Cakelaw said...

I like Wade more and more - he wasn't put off by a chick who drooled on his shirt.

Michelle said...

OH MY!! Miranda, I am just catching up on my blogs after a couple days and found this. Oh you sweet thing, you!! Thank you so much!! You have really brought some brightness to my days whenever I come to read your blog. You are the most wonderfully imaginative person I know. :) Thank you again!! I will post on my blog tomorrow! Lots of hugs!

Grace said...

well thanks, miranda. i like you too. :) and your stories. and your antics. :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh this is cute! I can "see" it all!
...but now, again, I realize I missed yet another chapter before this! I always read magazines etc starting at the back...but never a story! Hmmm...

Anonymous said...