Sunday, October 01, 2006

Down in Louisiana

Friday afternoon, we barreled down the road to Shreveport. We were both stressed, tired and in need of a break. After stopping off in Austin, where my Dad gave me a briefcase for my new job (yes, I cried) we kept going down 35. Once we hit the state line, the whole atmosphere changed.

Shreveport is full of tall, majestic trees. At night the cool, humid air swirls around with a scent of pine. Things don't move as fast in Louisiana- people just take their time. Dinners are longer, afternoons languid and people don't worry about that extra dessert. It was exactly what we needed.

Being taken away from Ben's office and my freelancing had us both relaxing. It's been fun hanging out with Ben's parents. Ace the chihauhau has made my lap his permanent resting place. He is currently sulking because my laptop has infringed on his space. On top of a chair, his pouting face is turned the other way, his back to me. If he could sniff haughtily, I think he would.

For Ben, this has been a bit of a homecoming. He's back with his parents, his friends, his old stomping ground. I've watched the worry melt from his face and his jovial personality come back. We drove around last night to kill some time before a party. Throwing his arm around me, he talked happily with the cool wind blowing around us. Laying his head on mine, he said, "I love you girl."

I think it was an overdue trip home.