Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cloud People

When fog descends on the roads of the Pond, all the people turn into idiots. They all drive seven miles an hour down the road, clutching their steering wheels and peering anxiously through their fogged up winshields.

Stepping out of the gym this morning, I could feel the drops of moisture cling to my skin. It gave the the shivers as I hurried to my car in the damp, cool air. And it made me think: wouldn't the world be better if there was cloud people?

Cloud people would simply float through the fog as faint outlines, like ghosts. They would always be cool headed and polite, though not overly affectionate. The presence of cloud people would keep the outdoors a pleasant place to be. They would clean winshields and point the way through hard to see areas.

Favorite activities for the cloud people would be drifting over the lake and skating on the surface of plants. Never quite touching the surface, they would gently glide over the surface, dipping their toes in the tiny waves spreading from their presence. Plants would become skating grounds as they gently glided between the grooves and did flips off the scalloped edges.

Why, you ask, would the cloud people want to do this? Why would the tiny beings want to float silently throughout the early morning, effereal beings who are so in tune with nature? We have a hard time understanding creatures like this. What is the purpose for these cloud people?

Why that's simple. They all have thin strings, more delicate than a spider's web, that pull the clouds along. As they go along, they swing from swing to swing like monkeys in the forest. Their work leaves a clear path for the sunbeams to follow.

And we all want to see sunbeams, don't we? The cloud people are supposed to be back later this week. I hope to see them soon.