Thursday, July 03, 2008

Six Random Things

Bunny from Bunny's Warm Oven ( tagged me for the 6 Random things Meme! This is a wonderful treat to keep me occupied until we fly out for Alaska tomorrow. We just dropped off the Babies with Ben's parents (yes, I cried.) So until then, here are six random things about me!

The rules are as follows:
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# Write six random things about yourself.
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1) Ever since fifth grade, I've had an obsession with ancient Egypt. I'm not quite sure what triggered it, but I know I've always dreamed about going there and exploring the ancient pyramids. Of course, I'm sure it's more interesting in my dreams since my dreams contain hidden treasures, secret mysteries and all sorts of scandals. But dreams usually are more fun in ones head, aren't they?

2) During the summer, I only wear shorts when I'm working out or cleaning the house. Otherwise, you'll find me in little ruffly skirts or sundresses. When I was little, I didn't wear pants until the fourth grade and didn't wear jeans until sixth grade. All I wore was pink, ruffly, lacy dresses. With tights and big bows. (I'll have to dig up a picture.)

3) My dad demanded I take karate in elementary through high school. I got to an instructional level, the blue belt and quit. That's the level I told my Dad I would get to. Once I got there, I was done.

4) My family demands that I tell you I had a severe licking problem when I was young. I licked the screens on our patio doors. I licked the counter at McDonalds. I licked the inside of the car door, the walls and the glass window around the skating arena.

Maybe that's why I think of the things I do.

5) In fourth grade, I ran over my thumb with a rollerskate and broke it. It was the same week of the TAAS tests and my fourth grade teacher was furious because I had to write all my essays with my left hand.

6) I have a real problem sitting still. If I don't work out/ dance/ wiggle/ take walks every day, I'm really cranky. You don't want to be around me.

I tag:

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And that's it. Everyone else I know has done this already!!! :) Thanks for inviting me to play along, Bunny!