Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

After a frenzied night filled with stargazing, twirling and dancing in the cold night air, the animals in the Land of the Flowered Bed spent the entire New Year's Day sleeping. After all, when you're small, partying all night takes it out of you.

But now, for your enjoyment, the New Year Resolutions of 2008:

The Blond Duck
Is there a rain dance to get a book published? I'd do a rain dance wearing a leopard print swimsuit and hot pink cowboy boots to get my book published! Well, I'd probably wear that anyway.

I vow for 2008 to spend as much time in my house as possible. Don't make me do stuff.

Pumble the Bee
After successfully gorging myself during Thanksgiving, I vow to lose half a pound. What do you mean? That's a lot for a bee! Hey, if you're not going to finish that ice cream, can I have it?

Hairy the Hedgehog
I'd like to get some kind of semblance of order in the Land of the Flowered Bed.

Cookies the Owl
I'm going to do everything I can to create chaos and drama for Hairy. I'm going to go flood the Spa right now.

The Seals
The Seals have decided they'd like to go swimming every day. They'd like to know if anyone has a pool they can borrow. One without ducks.

Ace the Dog
I'd like to fly to the North Pole and personally give the Monstrous Brown thing to Santa. It's getting bigger every day and my head is not a punching bag! I have a soft spot!

Charlie the Dog (otherwise known as Monstrous Brown Thing)
Lick lick chew chew nom nom nom nom nom.

The Flying Pigs
If we could, please, may we sample your grass? I know we asked for this last year, but it's so tasty....

The Ducks at the Spa
"I want my Pond!" the first duck snapped.
"A big pond!" the second duck screeched.
"Actually, if it's not too much trouble, some nachos would be lovely," the third duck said kindly.

Treats? Are those treats?

The Babies
We're going to go on a walk. Really, we promise. But it's soooo cooold and we're starviinngggg...we're wasting away.....we might be able to make it if we have a bite of that pink cookie...just a small bite....

The Ladybug
I want Pumble to commit already! Come on, it's been a year! Ring before spring and all that.

The Argumentative Birds
To define what a french fry is. That's not it.

To become the most beloved Ginourmous Lime Green Unusual Gnat there ever was!

The butterflies
You know what we want.

The Blond Spider
I dearly wish to be blond! Oh please, just for one day!

Henry the Lizard
All I want is for the Giant to stop shrieking and hopping whenever she sees me. Do you know how obnoxious that is?

Fuzzy the Spider
I'd like someone to bring me bugs like those nice people did. Big ones, please.

The Fuzzy Christmas Duck
I don't want to go skiing anymore. I feel quite windblown.

Happy New Year from the Pond!