Friday, January 11, 2008

High Noon at the OK Corral

The town was silent. Only dust skittered across the ground. The grass whispered gently as the icy wind blew by. She stood in the middle of the road and watched him approach. Her friends and family stood behind her, far enough so they wouldn't get hit. Her hand lingered by her side.

When he spoke, it was in slow motion. She narrowed his eyes as if her stare alone could deflect his hateful words. She saw his smug grin and her blood boiled.

"This isn't over," she said, gritting her teeth.

"Sure it is," he smiled. "It was over before it began."

"Elle Woods didn't give up," the girl said, raising her chin definitely. Her eyes never left his, not even to glace at the gun at his side.

"You can't even do the bend and snap right," he jeered. The girl smiled. Within an instant, her gun was twirling in her hand.

"Guess you don't know everything," she said, smiling broadly. Clumsily, he grunted and pointed his gun at her. She stood unwavering, watching him carefully.

"You really are a moron," she taunted. "Thinking you own the town. You may be able to upset others, but you're not messing with me."

"I own everything," the man boasted. His eyes glistened with greed. He licked the corner's of his fat little mouth. She grimaced. The only thing more revolting than the man's physical appearance was his personality.

"You don't own me," she said. She cocked her gun and pointed it straight towards his heart. Her friends and family cheered.

"The sheriff will throw you in jail," he said nervously, his eyes darting around. The sheriff had long run off, knowing it was a battle he couldn't win.

"The law's on my side," she said calmly. The man stared into the barrel of her gun and looked at her eyes. He found no sympathy there. Her eyes were as hard as the bullet headed for his heart.
Humiliated, the man shoved his gun into his holster and backed away, raising his hands.

"I'll get you," he sneered, backing away alone. "I'll get you yet. You can't run away from me. I own the town. This is just a draw."

"Nope," the girl said, keeping her gun pointed at him. "This is a win. This is where the bad guys ride away." She watched as the man licked his fat little lips nervously and scuttled away, his face burning. She turned to her friends and family and smiled.

"I knew it would be all right," the girl smiled. "Elle Woods told me so."

"But what if he comes back?" her friend asked nervously. The girl grimly raised her weapon.

"I'll be ready," she said. "To win. Not draw."