Monday, January 14, 2008

Pink shoes, fuzzy nieces and ever after

Hello Invisible Friends! In an effort to be less confusing (if that's possible,) here is how this week's blog schedule will go:

Monday: 7 things about me (I was tagged by Emma) and a loving tribute to my new pink shoes and new obsession.

Tuesday: The story of Libby and Miss C.

Wednesday: Something clever, witty, delightful and hilarious.

Friday: Emma Sanders' Interview with the GLUG! (Trust me, it's HILARIOUS!)

So, in honor of Emma ( --my seven things:

1) I have a really bad habit of performing my own music videos along to CMT or VH1 in the morning while I'm getting dressed in looking in the mirror. It's really quite pathetic.

2) I'm convinced I'm a princess. No one else seems to realize this yet.

3) When I sing, dogs howl.

4) I despise any movies that don't have a happy ending. A real happy ending. None of this--mature-adult-they're-really-miserable-but-it-has-artistic-meaning-happy-ending. If there's no puppies, sunshine and true love kisses at the end, you can bet I'll be mad.

5) I wanted to be a lawyer when I was growing up. I once went to a debate camp where we had to argue mock cases and an attorney told me I had a lot of promise.

Now, I wonder if perhaps he meant to give his card to another child.

6) My favorite comic in the Sunday paper is "Mutts."

7) I have only read one Harry Potter book. I skimmed it one day while working at the cash register at a toy store. I've never had the desire to read another one. Now it's simply out of principle and hard-headiness.

I tag:

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4) The GLUG
5) Pumble the Bee
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