Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A bit one-handed

Hello. My name is Gary the Gorilla.

I'd look you in the eye, but I'm afraid they've been chewed off. You see, I'm one of Bear and Bitty's toys. One of their favorite toys.
They like me a lot.

Maybe a little too much.

It all started off so innocently. We were playing a nice game of gorilla in the middle when suddenly...it happened. I was a two armed gorilla one minute, a one armed gorilla the next.

And it's not just Bear.
Don't worry, it didn't hurt. I have a lot of stuffing. It's simply a bit inconvenient. It's hard to play basketball with one arm. And eating macaroni cheese? A total mess.

Just let him have his fun.

Ok now. Can I have my arm back?

Please? Pretty please?

Oh now you're just teasing me. Quit scraping off the green fuzz with your teeth! My arm is not an artichoke leaf.

If only I was a starfish.

Stop wuffling. You're not the one missing an arm. You're sorry, you say? You can't help being a toy destroying machine? You can't resist the siren call of stuffing and torn threads?
Well, I forgive you. You did destroy the dolphin. And now he looks better than ever after his surgery! I'm sure I'll look great. Maybe I can even be a gorilla model. I look good in green.

I'll just wait here awhile until the doctor can see me. I hope I don't get the same plastic surgeon as last time. She really messed up my nose job.

Seven things about the Babies:

1) They were born Jan.29, 2008.

2) They sleep in the same bed snuggled up.

3) They are the only dogs that literally scream when scared.

4) Bitty is only 4 lbs. and full grown. Bear is 7 lbs. He has a tummy. He likes to show it off by flopping over at night and airing himself out.

5) Bear carries his dolphin all over the house. They're inseparable. If Bitty tries to play with the dolphin, Bear freaks out and barks at her.

6) Bitty is convinced the wind is out to get us. She informs us of this daily. Loudly.

7) I had to do it.

I can't help myself.


Lorraine E said...

Awww that last pics is SO sweet!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah! Cute pics.

As for your question on SITS. Just go each day and comment on their post which tells about the featured blogger, then go that featured blogger's 3 posts that SITS has featured and comment on each one. It's fun and you get to know a lot of people!

Prudy said...

Oh those little monsters. Adorable little monsters.

TavoLini said...

hahaha--you'll have to show gorilla after his recovery!

Great pics--I'm falling in love with your dogs :)

Greg C said...

Those are adorable pictures. The poor bear. Would they like a cat to play with?

Marjie said...

Reminds me of Thor's lobster's recent surgery. Thor only weighs 265, just so Bitty & Bear know, when you come for your peanut butter brownies. Thor will share his dog food with them. He doesn't much like it, anyway.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...


Swirl Girl said...

the last one looks like the Yin and Yang of puppydom.

I am not a 'dog person', but even I sighed at the last one.

Ingrid said...

That's so funny! That last photo is ADORABLE! How CUTE!!!!

Cynthia's Blog said...

Good story from the monster's POV. And adorable puppie pics.

Maria said...

Poor monster!! The puppies are too cute. You can't get mad at them for playing around!

Lucy said...

That last photo is so dear!! Just loving your little ones!!

I had 3 little maltese pups, lost 2, and have 1 now....
My Kayla gets completely crazed with a hand puppet... if she were able to get a hold of it, I'm sure it would be torn to shreds!

We're finally ready to get at least one more pup ;-)

~*Liz*~ said...

LOL They are so cute! I bet they keep you busy!

Found you from PDub's site.


Heather said...

oh my god! that picture is so cute!!! your pups love each other!! my pupster has a lot of stuffed animals that look better after a little surgery ;) her current favorite is a gorilla that makes a real gorilla noise. she sleeps with it every night :)

Esi said...

That last pic is soooo cute!

Pam said...

They are so tiny and cute but I feel sorry for their chew toys.

Lucy said...

Thank you!! Having lost 2 w/in 9 mos. of each other just a year ago, has been tough going. But we feel comfortable in getting another, which makes me so very happy that DH is finally on board ;-)

You can delete this if you want.... or leave your email address at my blog, I will not publish it ;-)

Anonymous said...

So sweet! They look like so much fun!

Debra said...

Oh my...that picture of them sleeping is priceless.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is so cute!!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Poor poor green gorila! When they're playing with it, it looks like they're eating lettuce! Sooooooo cute!

Prudy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ben's dad. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I owe you an email. I will try for tonight. I had to give up my laptop this week and now I have to share with the Quiet man who is getting his doctorate on line. It is cramping my style!

noble pig said...

That last pic is so adorable, I can't even stand it. Even dogs spoon.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

oh no - time for the naughty chair!!

Bunny said...

We use to have a dog that when you bought him a squeeky stuffed animal, he had NO REST till he got the squeeky thing out of the toy!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, I am loving your pics of your cute dogs. I can't believe they cuddle together. So cute!!

Amy said...

I *heart* them! They couldn't be any cuter!

Jane said...

Poor Gary, but Bitty and Bear did make me smile. Jane x

Marie said...

I love your little pups Duckie! They are adorable. Every time I see a picture of them I want one for myself, or two or three even!!! Poor green gorilla. It's not easy being green!! Just ask Kermit the frog! I used to love listening to him singing that song! You have a wonderful way with words as always my sweet friend! XXOO I'm up all night packing tonight . . . again . . . blah!

Kitty M said...

Duckie Ahhh the babies look as cute as ever - I didn't realise they were so young as well!

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Total sweetness!

Dee said...

Lol! I'd look you in the eye, but I'm afraid they've been chewed off. Priceless :)

Lore said...

Does Bitty bark at the wind? LOL! That would be way too funny. So will the gorilla get the same plastic surgeon ? ;)

Emiline said...

Awwww... so cuuuuute!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sweet pictures of them sleeping!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! Bear has a tummy from that peanut butter he loves! ;)
Our two yorkies are the same way…only it’s been a “Carrot”. There are no more “leaves” on top of it. For 7 years, and tons of toys later, the “Carrot” has been the most prized possession .. and ‘game piece’.

Anonymous said...