Friday, November 02, 2007


Pumble sighed and flopped over, his enormous belly heaving as he stretched on the ground. He groaned and looked mournfully at the bowl of candy corn laying a few feet away. Squeezing his face in concentration, he flopped his arm over and strained to reach for the candy. His fingers wiggled as he ached to stretch across the few inches. Sighing, he let his arm drop and panted, his belly rising up and down quickly.

"You're pathetic," Cookies observed from the bed. "Have you eaten that gigantic bag of candy corn already?"

"I'm so sick," Pumble moaned, rubbing his bloated stomach. "But it's so good."

"I had a good time trick-or-treating," Hairy said brightly. "It's a shame it's over."

The seals shook their heads in disagreement. They wanted it to be winter so they could turn the bathroom, or Spa, into an ice park. They were also hoping Santa would bring them some fish.

"Listen, it's very simple," Pumble lectured from his spot on the floor. "Think of Christmas as the marathon of all eating. Halloween is the starting point, and Thanksgiving is the big stretch. I have to be able to eat an entire feast in two days!" He dropped his head down to the floor, staring at the ceiling wearily. "I'm exhausted just thinking about it." The seals cocked their heads at him curiously.

"You need a life," Cookies rolled his eyes. "I can not believe you are spending this much time eating. If Ladybug was here, she'd make you walk."

"Good thing she's not," Pumble commented. "I can't walk. I need that time for eating."

The ducks in the spa were not amused by this. They were already miffed that their three mice costumes for Halloween didn't turn out the way they wanted, and had been cranky for days.

"You're a pig!" the first duck sneered.
"You're disgusting!" the second duck sniffed.
"Are you going to eat that?" the third duck peered hungrily around the corner. "It looks good."
Pumble moaned in response. His golden hue was beginning to turn green.

"What should we do?" Hairy asked, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "It's too early to start decorating for Christmas, and there's nothing we can do to get ready for Thanksgiving."

"We can eat," Pumble suggested.
"You're going to explode like a neutron star!" Cookies informed him. "Boom!"
The seals sighed and looked out the window. They were bored.

"Everything is just in-between," Hairy murmured."It's like we're just...waiting."

"We could go swimming!" the first duck cried.
"We could go visit the other Spa!" the second duck bellowed.
"What about making some Christmas stockings?" the third duck suggested. Pumble burped, and the seals wrinkled their noses.

"Classy," Cookies sniffed.

"I know!" Hairy cried. "I have a brilliant idea!"

To be continued.....