Monday, November 26, 2007

The Execution of the Thanksgiving Feast

When Pumble returned from shopping, it was quite clear that he had brought the entire cabinet with him.

"Are the boy and the girl going to have enough food?" Hairy asked in horror. "There must be nothing left!"

Pumble rolled his eyes and set about preparing a feast. "She goes to the store every week. She'll just think the boy ate everything."

The seals sniffed about curiously and barked to Pumble.

"We're having salmon, cranberry sauce, roasted crickets, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, pumpkin bread, biscuits, turnips, various baked leaves, ice cream, pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate cake, honey, pecan pie and cheesecake."

"We're eating all that?" Cookies asked in shock. "You're going to be so fat you won't be able to fly through the bloody door!"

Pumble expressed his displeasure by sticking his tongue out at Cookies. "Go away," he snapped. "I need to create! I need to prepare the best Thanksgiving feast that the Land of the Flowered Bed has ever seen!"

"We haven't ever had a Thanksgiving feast," Hairy pointed out.

"Exactly," Pumble looked at him like he was an idiot. "Shoo." The seals lingered, sniffing hopefully at the salmon. At Pumble's look, they slowly crept away, looking longingly at the fish laying on the counter behind them.

While Pumble "created," Hairy dressed in his finest velvet coat. He had a sneaking suspicion Pumble had invited more people than he let on, and as Mayor of the Land of the Flowered Bed, it was his job to make sure the visitors had a good time.

"Dinner is at 3!" Pumble bellowed.

"You don't eat dinner at 3!" Cookies argued.

"You do on Thanksgiving!" Pumble said defensively.

"That's moronic!" Cookies spat.

"You're a moron!" Pumble bellowed. "And I'm cooking! Go away!" Delicious smells began wafting from the makeshift kitchen outside the spa. There was a knock at the door. Straightening his jacket, Hairy stepped forward to answer it.

"Hello," he beamed as the door swung open slowly. "I'm Hairy, Mayor of the--oh my, there's certainly a lot of you, aren't there?"

"EXCUSE Me?" the GLUG bellowed, sticking his eager green face inches away from Hairy's. "I heard there were leaves. Are there any leaves? I'd love some leaves!" He went madly running through the Land of the Flowered Bed, only to be followed by a herd of flying pigs who were politely calling, "May we have some grass? We'd love some tasty grass!"

"Dinner won't be ready until 3!" Pumble snapped. The pigs sat politely while the GLUG flopped over dramatically. "I shall perish!" Cookies rolled his eyes. The seals looked suspiciously at the flying pigs and scuttled over to the Spa to join the ducks.

Hairy had barely had time to straighten his jacket when animals began pouring through the door. Henry saw Ladybug, Henry the Lizard and Ace the Chihuahua. The butterflies floated lightly above the Water Cooler Ants and Noisy Cricket. Then, Henry found himself face to face with the very creatures he dreaded.

"Is this the Land of the Flowered Bed?" one of the argumentative birds demanded.

"It is," Hairy smiled politely. "Welcome! Please come in!"

"Are we eating French Fries?" another bird demanded.

"I believe we have sweet and mashed potatoes," Hairy smiled.

"That's basically French Fries," a third bird observed.

"Is not!" the first bird cried.

"Is too!" the third bird cried. Hairy directed them toward the spa, where they continued to argue over the orgin of French Fries.

Finally, it was time for the Thanksgiving feast. The floor was populated with dozens of animals in all shapes and sizes. Pumble was beaming as the animals passed around plates laden with salmon, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls in every shape and size and much more. The seals wiggled their tales in excitement and the ducks chattered happily.

"It looks delicious!" the first duck gushed.

"It tastes fantastic!" the second duck approved.

"I do love pie," the third duck smacked happily, having gone straight for desert.

Hairy lowered his head in thanks and snuck a look at Cookies and Pumble. They smiled back at him, for once forgetting to argue or snap at each other. For one brief moment, the table was awash in love, happiness and a grateful bliss. The animals all stared at each other in wonderment, letting the moment settle into their souls.

"EXCUSE ME!" the GLUG bellowed. "I'm hungry! May I finally eat my tasty leaves?"

Hairy, Pumble and Cookies laughed along with the seals. With that, they dug into their plates. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast. It was, in fact, the finest feast the Land of the Flowered Bed had ever seen.