Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Thanksgiving Feast

"I refuse to eat a turkey," Cookies crossed his wings and scowled at Pumble. Pumble shoved the chef's hat over his eyes and scowled back.

"It's Thanksgiving!" Pumble bellowed. "You eat turkey at Thanksgiving! You're not a turkey, so what's your problem?"

"It's a fellow feathered friend!" Cookies snapped back. "I refuse to eat one of my own."

Pumble hissed between his teeth. "You eat chicken all the time!"

"That's different," Cookies said defensively.

"How?" Hairy asked curiously.

"I don't like chickens," Cookies sniffed. "They're so.....common. A bunch of degenerates, if you ask me."

"You're so weird," Pumble muttered, crossing out turkey on the menu he was making. "So what are we going to eat instead of turkey?"

"Chicken?" Cookies suggested.

"We eat chicken all the time," Pumble sulked. "It's a holiday! We need something different."

"Ham?" Hairy suggested.

"Right," Cookies snorted sarcastically. "The Flying Pigs are going to love digging into ham."

"Oh, right," Hairy said, blush tinging his cheeks. He thought for a moment. "What about fish?"

"What kind of fish?" Pumble asked immediately. "Salmon's expensive, and Cookies is so cheap I'm surprised we can eat at all."

"We could eat tuna," Hairy suggested. He was interrupted by howling from the seals. The seals flopped on the floor in agony, desperately pounding their flippers against the ground. They wanted salmon, not tuna. They never got salmon. All they got to eat was tuna.

"Do you know how expensive salmon is?" Cookies asked in shock. "It's $7 a pound! The two of you will eat at least a pound each!"

Tears spilled from the seals eyes as they wailed loudly.

"We agree!" the first duck yelled from the Spa. He had been eavesdropping and was quite concerned about missing the opportunity to dine on salmon. The ducks liked salmon.

"We want salmon!" the second duck agreed loudly.

"It is rather tasty," the third duck said bashfully. The seals howled mournfully in agreement. Pumble and Hairy looked at Cookies. Sighing, Cookies stomped his foot on the ground.

"Fine," he grunted, pouting. "We'll have salmon." The seals and ducks cheered happily.

"That's settled," Pumble said, looking at his list. "We'll have salmon, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, pumpkin bread, biscuits, turnips, various leaves, ice cream, pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate cake, honey, pecan pie and cheesecake." He looked over his list again. "Did we leave anything out?"

"That's a lot of food," Hairy said gently. "Are you sure you're not overdoing it a bit?" Pumble looked at Hairy witheringly.

"Hairy," Pumble arched his eyebrows. "I have been preparing for this feast for enough. I won't rest until I'm so full I can't even walk. Flying is completely out of the question."

"Ok," Hairy sang, shaking his head. "I think you'll be sorry." Pumble rolled his eyes as he gathered up his shopping list and menu and began to waddle away.

"Where are you going?" Hairy asked. Cookies had flown the the bed and was sulking, refusing to look at anyone. The seals were eagerly looking up salmon recipes. The ducks were quacking to themselves about how tasty the salmon would be.

"Duh!" Pumble rolled his eyes. "I'm going shopping!"