Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Loliday

"I know what we'll do!" Hairy cried, brimming with creative brilliance. "We'll have a Loliday!"

"What is a Loliday?" Cookies raised an eyebrow.

"It's a mix of all the holidays with everything you've ever wanted to celebrate that's not thrown in," Hairy said triumphantly. "It's an in-between holiday of sorts!"

The seals clapped their hands in delight and barked in excitement. They had decided to wear green hats and drag stockings around asking for salmon.

"This is brilliant!" Pumble cried joyfully. "I'm going to wear a crown of pickles and drink honey and eat cookies all day long!"

"Pickles? Hairy questioned, looking at him strangely.

"Hey," Pumble pointed his finger at Hairy defensively. "Haven't you ever wanted to celebrate pickles before?"

"Meanwhile, while all you imbeciles are being moronic, I'm going to be the height of culture," Cookies said haughtily.

"Oh yeah?" Pumble challenged. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to roast mice and leaves in a Divine Brine," Cookies smirked. "Then, I'm going to wear a dramatic black cape, search for squash and eat pumpkin pie!"

Pumble and the seals thought this was quite hilarious, and fell to the ground laughing.

"What are you going to do, ducks?" Hairy asked, poking his head into the spa.

"I'm going to dance with the Easter Bunny," the first duck exclaimed.

"I'm going to count down the minutes until 3 p.m. and shout 'Happy Afternoon!" the second duck chirped.

"I'm going to go ice skating in the freezer wearing pink and red pajamas," the third duck added dreamily. The other ducks looked at him in disbelief.

"We should invite everyone!" Cookies suggested, getting excited in spite of himself. "We should invite the flying pigs, Ladybug, the GLUG, Ernie the Earthworm, Bella the dancing flying pig, Henry the Lizard, the Munny, Ace the Dog, the argumentative birds, the Noisy Cricket, the Water Cooler Ants and the butterflies."

"But not the Howling Toddlers!" Pumble cried in terror. "The Howling Toddlers will ruin everything if they come. You must not invite them!"

The seals nodded gravely in agreement. Thrilled to have something to excite them, the animals swirled into action. Invitations were sent out, outfits were made. A party like no one has ever seen occurred on Wednesday, Nov.7 at 1 p.m.

Henry the Lizard came wearing tiny cowboy boots and a hat, and spent the afternoon trying to rope Ernie the Earthworm, who had made a special hat for the occasion. The Noisy Cricket was not pleased by the noise.

"Quiet down!" he would shout loudly at the ducks in the Spa, who were trying to turn the bathtub into a glowing green hot tub. "I'm trying to learn the "12 days to Christmas!"

"It's not 12 days to Christmas!" one of the birds argued.

"It's 10 days to Christmas," another affirmed.

"Or is it 30 days?" another bird pondered.

"You dummy, it's 12," another bird snapped. "30 days would be a month!"

"I'm not a dummy," the first bird snapped. "You're a dummy!"

"Are those french fries?" the third bird asked, licking his lips.

Hairy smiled as the butterflies fluttered around him and Pumble and Ladybug held a swing dancing contest on the floor. He was wearing a fruit basket on his head and Christmas socks on his feet and eating chicken fried steak and apple pie.

"I think the Loliday was a success," he told the butterflies as they landed softly on his arms.

"We do, too," they replied. Then they floated away to dine on tea and biscuits with the seals, who were floating in a sea of honey.