Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Excuse Me!

While walking through the parking lot, I heard a commotion of squawking coming from the trees. Curiously, I wondered over and stood outside the branches. Apparently, there were several testy bird ladies inside.

"Excuse me!" one cried. "I was here first!"

"How dare you come into my room!" another bellowed.

"Wait your turn!" a third snapped.

"Someone's in here," a fourth voice snapped.

"Mom, where are you?" a shrill voice called.

"Second branch on the right. No, on the right. There you go."

What is going on? I wondered to myself. Are there tiny bird apartments or a bird dormitory housed in this tree? As I continued to listen, the truth was revealed.

"How many items do you have?" a perky voice chirped. "Ok, try the third one on the left. It should be open. Let me know if you need help with anything!"

"I'm not taking these," the bellowing voice from before informed Perky Bird. "Thanks."

"No problem," chirped Perky Bird. I heard rustling and knocking. "Can I help you with anything?"


"Doing ok in there?"


"Need a different size?"

"Actually, yes. If you could get me a 7 instead of a 10 that'd be great, thanks."

As I stood beside the tree, stunned at what I was hearing, a plump grey bird emerged. She looked at me and placed her tiny wing on my hand. In a serious voice, she advised, "Honey, there ain't nothing but crap in there. Try the oak tree three feet down. That's where I'm headed--big sale, you know." She fluttered to the oak tree and disappeared in the branches.

"Sale at the Oak Tree? For how long?" another voice gasped excitedly.


"Where's a sale? I heard there's a sale."

"These pants make my butt look soooo good."

"Hurry up and ring up! There's a sale at the oak tree!"

In one frenzied blast, several birds burst out of the tree and immediately disappeared within the branches of the oak tree. Scratching my head, I grinned and walked away as I heard an indignant bird squeal, "Excuse me! That's my room you're fluttering in!"