Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's strangely warm in here..

(Earlier today, somewhere outside of Waco)

The Blonde Duck: It's hot in here.

Ben: Roll down the window.

The Blonde Duck: (Rolls down the window and leans her head against it, trying to cool down.) I feel kinda nauseous. I think I'm car sick.

Ben: Look! (points to window, grinning widely) Look, cows!

The Blonde Duck: Cows! (dutifully admires the cows.) You know, I thought it was going to be a lot colder.

Ben: Look, more cows! Aren't they cute? Cows!

The Blonde Duck: (dutifully looks at the cows.) Cows!!!

Ben: ( a few moments later, points out the window again.) Cows!! Cows!!!!

The Blonde Duck: Cows! (whirls around to see Ben grinning maniacally. His fingers are leaving the air conditioning control.) Why are you grinning like that? Are you messing with my air conditioning? Don't put the heat on your feet again! It's hot in here!

Ben: Cows! I'm grinning because of the cows!

The Blonde Duck: What were you doing to the AC?

Ben: Nothing! I wasn't doing anything! I swear!

The Blonde Duck: (eyes him suspiciously and turns back to the window)

Ben: ( a few moments later) Cows! Cows!

The Blonde Duck: (admires the cows, then gazes out the windshield. Her eyes pass over the butt warmer clicker. It's set to 4. She whirls around to see a cackling Ben.) You jerk! That's why I was hot! You set the butt warmers on! That's not cool!

Ben: (cackles wildly and grins)

The Blonde Duck: You distracted me with the cows! I knew you were up to something! You had that goofy grin!

Ben: (howls playfully) Coooowwwwwsss!