Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mysterious Creature Sighting 2

This mysterious creature in the bush fascinates me. You see, at first even I was a bit skeptical. It must be the wind, I thought. Your imagination is acting up again. It's a cricket or locus, just a slight of fancy.

Oh no. This thing is REAL. The only question we have to answer is what is the mysterious creature? I have four theories on the subject, all which have different supporting evidence. This is what we know in general so far:

1) The mysterious creature has moved to a new set of bushes closer to the boats.
2) Sometimes a strange rotting/ ripe trash smell accompanies the rustling the creature makes.
3) Even when you throw a multitude of things at the creature (shoes, rocks, sticks, Spaz's shoes) it never emerges or moves. So it has a lot of self control or it's just either dumb. Either one could work.

Theory 1: A mouse

There are several reasons I think it could be a mouse family, or even a bachelor mouse. One, the bushes are quite low to the ground and surrounded by tall brush that is about two feet tall. There's a large field behind my work building, so they could get plenty of food if they traveled across the parking lot to get to it.

Biggest supporting evidence: I once saw a brown blur near my foot that scampered into the grass and disappeared. It was about four or five inches long and about the size of a hot dog bun. It looked fuzzy and made little scurrying noises.

Theory 2: A snake

Now, I do not like snakes. These loathsome venomous creatures fall into my same mental category as alligators and sharks, who I would have no problem extinguishing from the planet. Food chain be damned--you can't tell me the world would not be better without nasty snakes and alligators who eat puppies. Anyway, the brush is tall enough for a snake and the bushes would be a perfect cool, dark spot.

On the side of our parking lot is lots of tall trees and bushes which could provide another hiding spot. The only problem is the snake would have to slither across a parking lot, open field, a parking lot and open sidewalk and through a bunch of machines. Would a snake really be hanging out with all those people and cars around? Regardless, I won't be sticking my hand in the brush or bush to investigate any time soon.

Theory 3: A family of birds

For some reason, these bushes attract birds more than an air-conditioned birdbath. The bushes are dense enough to hide nests, but loose enough for birds to crawl in and out of. The brush holds plenty of tasty bugs and the rain floods out several earthworms from the thin soil during the rain. However, my most compelling reason is the fact that a dove couple is very protective around the edge of the bushes. Perhaps the baby doves are simply rustling to tell me hello and show off their silky brown coats.

Theory 4: A puppy

Fine, don't even listen to me. Yes, I know it's not logical. Yes, I know I'm cracking up. You know, I had a good point but now I'm not going to tell you. So there.

Mysterious creature updates to continue..................