Wednesday, August 15, 2007

E-mail Converation

My buddy at work who requests to remain nameless (referred to as Spaz below) and I spend most of our days at work peppering our droll days with e-mail conversations. As Spaz is a fan of her characterization at the Pond, she began to to refer to herself in third person as "the girl with black pigtails." What follows is an account of our joint tale in a e-mail medium.

Spaz: “I will,” said the girl with the black pig tails. “I will go on a walk with you!” 3:30

The Blonde Duck: Can you do 3:20? I have to do a phone call at 3:30.

Spaz: “I miss the quiet,” the girl with the black pigtails said as she shoved her earphones into her ears…and sighed.

The Blonde Duck: As the girl with black pigtails sighed and grumbled quietly, the spry girl with white blond ringlets climbed her desk like a monkey and began to jump up and down on top of her computer. “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!” she screamed. When it lay in pieces around her, she smiled in satisfaction, delicately sat in her chair and began to eat a cookie.

Spaz: The girl with black pigtails’ sighs were interrupted when she heard the “oo-oo-oos” of a monkey in the building. Peering over her cube wall she discovered that it was not a monkey after all, but the last bits of sanity escaping from her friend as she destroyed her desk with pounding feet and slurred howls. They both smiled devilishly as the desk crumbled and the girl with black pigtails licked her teeth in amusement.

The Blonde Duck: As the blond girl filled up a old barrel she found from the warehouse with water from a leaky hose, the girl with the black pigtails tried to recollect when her last tetanus shot was.

Spaz: You know her so well!