Monday, August 13, 2007

Fuzzy Velcro Bunnies

By Sunday, the fuzzy velcro bunnies had taken over the house.

"What are you going to name all of them?" Ben asked, watching in amusement. I was too distracted by the tiny masses of wiggling fur to answer right away.

"This one is Fluffy, this one is Kitty, this one is Nutmeg," I said, pointing to the three bunnies attached to my back, wiggling their noses in excitement. "This one is Sweet pea," I indicated the one residing on my chest. "And this one is Tiffany." I pointed to the pure white rabbit residing on my shoulder. Tiffany gave a regal nod to Ben before thrusting her nose haughtily in the air.

"Why Tiffany?" Ben asked. "Because she thinks she's better than everyone else and climbed to the top," I answered with a wry grin. Laughing, he watched as I flounced around the house doing chores. As I bent to mop the floor, Sweet pea gracefully jumped onto my head, settling in amongst my hair as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Fluffy, Kitty and Nutmeg, however, had aligned themselves on my shoulders so I looked like a blond demented scarecrow.

"They just sit there?" Ben asked, flabbergasted. "They don't, you know, fall off?"

"Nope," I said, as the bunnies shook their heads. Fluffy sniffed loudly, as though she was too elegant of a bunny to fall to the ground.

As I put the mop up, the bunnies rearranged themselves on my back and shoulders. Nutmeg took his position in the middle of my back, having appointed himself my unofficial security guard.

"How do they stay on there?" Ben asked in awe as I reached behind my back to give them some carrots.

"Their paws and bellies are sticky, so they can stick to any kind of surface at any angle," I explained, holding my hand out flat as the tiny noses tickled my fingers. "Hey!" I cried, trying to turn around to look at my back. "Don't get orange stains on my shirt!" Tiffany stuck her nose in my ear and sneezed, obviously angry she didn't get her carrot first.

"All right, all right," I grumbled, wiping pathetically at my ear with my shoulder. "I'll get your damn carrot you high maintenance rabbit."

Sweetpea squeaked in protest as Ben lifted her paw and stroked her tiny foot. "Hey!" he cried in amazement. "Their paws aren't sticky...they're more like velcro."

"Their paws change according to what surface they're on," I explained, feeding a annoyed Sweetpea and Tiffany carrots. "For example, if you put Tiffany on the table, her paws would feel like rubber."

Tiffany grunted in protest as Ben lifted her off my shoulder and placed her on the table. After she got settled, he lifted up her paw. "It does feel like rubber!" he whispered in wonder, lifting Tiffany up and setting her on his shoulder. "This is so cool. I bet you're thrilled."

"I am," I said joyfully as I continued my rounds around the house, the four bunnies clinging to my every move. "After all, the only thing better than baby animals is baby animals you can take with you everywhere." The rabbits nodded in agreement and asked for another carrot. It was clear they had taken over my now orange-stained shirt as well.