Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Munny

"What is it?" she asked, turning it over in her hands.

"It's a rabbit," the younger girl said. "Well, at least it's supposed to be a rabbit. That's what the artist said."

"It looks like a mouse," the woman said, fingering it's large floppy ears. "It's cute though."

"Well, she said it was a rabbit," the younger girl said. "She called the set 'reproducing rabbits', because she's constantly making more to sell."

"It's the long tail that makes it look like the mouse," the woman said. "It's cute though. It's sweet."

She set down the critter and the two went outside to enjoy the cool weather. The creature sighed and her ears drooped.

"Hello," a voice said, and she turned to see a furry hedgehog staring at her.

"Hello," the critter said. "Who are you?"

"I'm Hairy," Hairy said. "I'm the Mayor of the Land of the Flowered Bed. I came to welcome you and let you know that we'll be happy to show you around any time. We have a spa, with some resident ducks."

"Thank you," the creature smiled. "That's quite nice of you."

"What's your name?" Hairy asked.

"I don't have a name," the critter sighed, looking down. "I'm just a Munny."

"A Munny?" Hairy said carefully, trying not to insult her. "I'm afraid you're the first Munny I've met! Tell me about yourself."

"I was made by a local artist," the Munny said, "And supposedly, we're bunnies. But our long tails and floppy ears look more like mice. So we became Munnys--combinations of mice and bunnies."

"Fascinating!" Hairy said, smiling. "Well, I'm sure we can come up with a name for you. Have you ever wanted a name?"

The Munny nodded shyly. "Well, what is it?" Hairy asked.

"I've always adored the name Mattie," the Munny said. "I also like Rose, Violet and Millie."

"Do you want one of those for a name?" Hairy asked.

"No," the Munny sighed, her ears drooping. "They just don't sound right. A name has to sound right, the way you say it and such. You know?"

"I know," Hairy said. "What about Matilda?"

"No," the Munny sighed.




"No," the Munny shook her head.

"Mandy?" Hairy suggested.

"No," the Munny said, frustrated. "Oh this is pointless! This will never work. I'll just keep being a dumb nameless Munny forever." They sat in silence for a few moments, the Munny sniffling.

"I know!" Hairy cried excitedly. "What about Mazzy the Munny?"

"That's perfect," the Munny beamed. "That's perfect! I'm Mazzy! I'm Mazzy! I'm Mazzy the Munny!"

"It's nice to meet you, Mazzy the Munny," Hairy smiled. "I'm glad to have met you."

"I'm so excited!" Mazzy cried. "I have a name! I must go tell my family! Thank you so much!" She jumped off the table and gave Hairy a hug. "I will come visit your land soon! It sounds lovely."

"You're welcome anytime," Hairy promised, as Mazzy was already dialing the phone in excitement. He looked forward to seeing Mazzy around the Land of the Flowered Bed.