Friday, January 26, 2007


The animals in the Land of the Flowered Bed were thrilled. It had finally stopped raining, and sunshine was pouring through the open blinds. Frost was beginning to melt off the leaves, and tufts of green were peeking through. For a few days, at least, a taste of spring was here. It was time to celebrate!

Cookies decided to fix smores and toasted mice, while Pumble set about laying out. He placed a pillow under the window and plopped down on it, his big tummy raising up and down as he snored.

As mayor, Hairy surveyed the scene, smiling. Then he noticed the seals weren't around. He checked under the bed and in the pillows, and they were no where to be found. Suddenly, he heard the sound of water running. Alarmed, he found the seals barking happily and filling up the bathtub with water.

"What are you doing?" Hairy shouted. "You can't get all wet! You'll get us discovered!" The seals barked happily and slid into the water on their bellies, splashing happily in the tub. Hairy clapped his hand over his head as Cookies ran in.

"What are they doing?" Cookies said, confused. "They're going swimming," Hairy replied, gesturing to the seals, who were now doing backstrokes. "They said it was such a nice day, they wanted to go swimming."

"They won't dry," Cookies said, gesturing at the clock with his tongs. "I know," Hairy said. Cookies looked around the bathroom, tapping his feathered chin with his tongs. "You know, this place would be a perfect spa."

"A spa?" Hairy asked in disbelief. "A spa?" Pumble woke out of a dead sleep. "Where? Do they have a chef?"

"Actually, yes," Cookies said, preening. "I am the chef of La Bathroom, the most elegant spa in the Land of the Flowered Bed. We offer freshly baked smores and toasted mice, and will cook anything you like. We have an Olympic sized swimming pool and a hot tub. Discriminating guests will enjoy the masseuse table, where they will be wrapped in white fluffy towels and rubbed down with lotion."

"That sounds wonderful!"Pumble said, now fully awake. "Who do I talk to?"

"Our concierge!" Cookies said with a broad smile. "You, sir, tell the man how much it costs!" Hairy looked at Cookies in confusion, down where his wing was pointing, and back at Cookies.

"Me?" he squeaked. "Yes you," Cookies muttered with impatience. "Get on with it!"

"Um," Hairy stuttered. "We require reservations five minutes in advance, and payments are made in-"

"Cookies," Cookies supplied. "Freshly baked ones."

"Sign me up!" Pumble said, running into the spa. He filled up the sink with hot water and climbed in, sighing with relief. "What a lovely spa," he sighed. The seals splashed about happily, barking and having diving contests with the soap. Cookies brought out fresh smores for everyone, and Hairy later gave the seals massages, where they both fell asleep on the toilet wrapped in a towel. The animals were so relaxed they barely moved when the people came home.

"What a lovely spa," Pumble mumbled sleepily. He had spent the day eating smores and sitting in the hot tub, which had to be refilled seven times. Lazily, he draped one lotion covered arm over his cookie covered eyes. "Hairy," he said thoughtfully. "What if you gave me a honey oil treatment tommorow? Or perhaps you could dip me in chocolate? What if we filled the bathtub full of whipped cream, and swam in it? Would you be interested in giving me a chocolate massage?"

His plump ears were met with silence. "Hairy?" he asked. "Hairy?" He looked up to see Hairy and Cookies running down the hallway in terror at that thought. Only the seals were left, who were grinning up at him. "Would you give me a chocolate massage?" he asked the seals. The seals barked and crossed their arms in reply. "Only if we swim in purred salmon and chocolate?" Pumble said, removing his arm from his eyes. He thought a moment, then placed his arm back. "It could work," he said thoughtfully. "It could work. I do loovvveeee chocolate. Even if it's got some salmon in it." The seals licked their lips happily in reply.