Monday, July 03, 2006

Fourth of July Festivities

Dear Overzealous Patriots,

Just because you can purchase trunkfuls of fireworks to set off out of the city limits, doesn't necessarily mean you should. Just because it is legal to shoot them off behind my neighborhood at all hours of the night doesn't mean it's right. Just because you find the undeveloped field behind my house a Mecca of a launch pad for pyrotechnic fun doesn't mean you should camp out there until after midnight.

Not to sound unpatriotic- but please go away! I didn't sign up to live in a war zone thanks. And if you're going to fire them off, at least let me see the pretty shiny colors. And throw some of the glittery ones up there too- the ones that look like pixie dust. Otherwise, go away. I'm tired and cranky and want nothing to do with you and your loud noises. I'm old.


The Annoyed Blonde Duck