Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I was talking to my mother-in-law earlier and she mentioned that she reads my blog all the time. I thought it was really cute of her to say that! I like real and imaginary friends!

Karen sent me this link, which justifies everything in my mind:

click here

It's about a novelist and humorist who lives a double life as a corporate bigwhig- because he couldn't make it freelancing. Gee- who does that sounds like? Except I don't know what would happen to me in a corporate environment. Part of me thinks I could take it. The other part of me (the part we hide in public because it's polite) thinks I would decorate the halls with toilet paper for Charmin Appreciation Day and spend all my time lobbying for a bring-your-puppy-to-work policy. That's right- I'm not baby crazy, I'm puppy crazy. I crave little wet noses and spastic tongues that find their way into the deepest craven of my ear. Are you starting to get a sense of my weirdness yet?

Anyway, the article just reminds me not to quit my day job (or lack thereof). Maybe I should join the kids selling lemonade! I bet I could look absolutely darling. I could blink my big blue eyes and smile, wondering all the while why parents just hit there gas pedals harder. Sigh. Meanwhile, I shall continue my search for a job, forever enduring.

In other news, be watching for another post later this evening! If people are reading, I must update them with entertainment! I will be posting an excerpt from my novel. I haven't decided if it should be funny or touching. Any requests? Leave a comment- I crave affirmation. Also- be watching for a special post Friday. It's somebody specials birthday. (Everybody think really hard- who could that be?)

Meanwhile, I shall go write.

-The Overimaginative Blonde Duck