Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unkind Thoughts

Do you ever wish that the dorks in high school, if you had to meet up with them after college, would be different? Now don't get me wrong- I was a dork in high school. I have nothing against ex high school dorks that flocked to the band room, performed on flags (shudder) or sang their hearts out in choir. I'm talking about the dredges of dorkdom- the mean dorks. These are the dorks that aren't necessarily smarter, more creative, sweeter or kinder then the rest of the world. These are the dorks that were simply antisocial, not shy. They are not late bloomers, and most of them aren't even nice. They wouldn't have a teenage movie made about them, like She's All That. If you invited them to a party, they'd simply snarl at you and say they had to clean their closet. Then they'd get together with the other dredge dorks and laugh at you, and make fun of you! It's these kind of dorks.

I knew a lot of these girls in high school. They thought they were twenty times better then me, sticking their freckled, snotty noses in the air at me. With their greasy hair and poor fashion taste, they walked arrogantly through the halls, proclaiming popular kids, the middle class and normal dorks to be inferior. They snarled in class, rolled their eyes through other presentations, and acted a flag practice was equal to the state of the union address.

So- wouldn't it be a lot cooler if one of these obnoxious girls became different? If she lost the glasses, bad haircut and permanently attached attitude and got some originality? Say, leather pants and a chain smoking addiction. That would be cool. I mean really, imagine the cross eyed band geek with buck teeth with pink hair, vinyl skirt and skull earrings. That would be a lot more interesting then hearing about her major in speech pathology. Well, maybe it's just me. I'm probably not winning any votes over here.