Tuesday, June 27, 2006

5 Reasons I love my husband

1) Before my first trip into the scary world of being a stringer at a city council meeting for a small town newspaper, he gave me a lecture telling me to: listen for the facts, get my quotes accurate, make friends with the secretary, watch protocol and to be careful not to go to any dark places. He was so protective and encouraging, leaving me with "This can be money for the puppy fund!" He's so good to me.

2) He thinks my itchy ears are cute.

3) He thinks it's sweet when I get excited that the flowers I planted in the backyard are actually growing and I haven't killed them yet.

4) He was pushing to get me a gym membership more than my aerobic-obsessive self was simply because he knew I wanted it. The man will do anything for me- he's that sweet.

5) The way he snuggles up to me and blinks at me sleepily when he comes home from work. I hate that he's tired, but I love how sweet and docile he gets.