Sunday, June 25, 2006

Story Time Comes Again

Here's a story I recently wrote for a magazine (and hope they publish). This isn't what my mother-in-law is like, but I thought it was amusing. Tell me what you think.
“The New Daughter-in-Law”
copyright M.Koerner 2006

I didn’t like her the second I saw her. She was a tall blonde with a tiny waist and large chest. She had a blinding smile and blue eyes that could charm the hardest heart. She was beautiful, sweet and cheerful. I hated her.

If I could have chosen the perfect woman for my son, I would have- well; I wouldn’t have chosen anyone at all. I would have kept him a little boy, forever watching him walk through the door with bright cheeks smeared with mud. But my baby had grown up, and now wanted to marry his first serious girlfriend.

He was old enough to make his own decisions, but she was a wrong choice. She looked to be a gold digger. My son had said she came from money, but it didn’t matter. I could see through her. All she wanted was a cash source so she could shop all day. I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I marched over to her. She had laced her arm through my son’s and was talking to my husband. The goofy grin on his face told me she had won him over. They were laughing as I plastered a smile on my face and approached them.

“My dear, it’s so lovely to finally meet you,” I said through my teeth, embracing her. “Why don’t sit down and talk, so I can get to know you,” I simpered.

“Oh yes, that’d be great!” she said enthusiastically, kissing my son on the cheek. I narrowed my eyes as she said, “I’ll be right back darling!” and followed me to the sitting room. We sat on the couch, her bright and cheerful face never fading. She must be hiding something.

“Thank you so much for inviting me to stay with you,” she gushed. “I was so excited to finally meet you! During school, it’s so hard to get away.”

“Ben tells me you spent a lot of time visiting your family,” I said, smiling.

“Well, yes, but they’re an hour away, so it’s close. But I made him promise when we get married, that we’ll have to balance the family holidays so no one feels left out.”

The girl was good. She had almost won me over with that too.

“What do you plan on doing after school?”

“I thought I might write,” she said reflectively. “Writing is my passion.”

“Passions don’t always pay well,” I said snappishly. “I’m just making sure my son recognizes that your career may not be the most lucrative.”

She smiled.

“Listen,” she said, touching my hand. “I love your son very much. I know I may not make much money. I’ve offered to go into a more lucrative career, but that’s not important to him. What’s important to Ben is my loyalty, my love and my support. I will ensure that your son is taken care of and loved everyday. And don’t worry; I’ll never forget you loved him first. He’ll always be your baby.”

I was stunned. She actually meant it. Perhaps she wasn’t a gold-digger after all. Perhaps my son really had found his perfect match. Maybe he had found mine as well. Maybe, just maybe, I could like her after all. Even if she did have bigger boobs.
Copyright M. Koerner 2006