Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Story Inspired by the Horrid Britney Spears Interview

When I was taking out the trash one day, I was thinking about the Britney Spears interview and had a sudden flash of inspiration. Thanks to Karen's encouragement, I decided to post it and see what the world thought of it. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

The Movie Star

There was once a movie star who lived in a huge mansion. She had done several movies and everybody loved her. Between movies, she stayed in her white mansion with green shutters, surrounded by her tall black fence. Security guards guarded the gates, and the police drove around it once a day. Journalists stood outside the gates, hoping for a glimpse or an interview. However, the movie star only came out of her house once a day.

Everyday, she would take her child around the yard in the stroller. She would go around the yard once, twice and three times. Everyday, the journalists that stood outside the gates would ask her all sorts of questions. She never answered them, and just kept walking with her child.

One day, as the movie star pushed her child around the yard, a journalist asked, “Mrs. Star, what are you doing today?”

The movie star stopped and looked at the journalists through her large black sunglasses. She smoothed back her curly blonde hair, and smiled.

“I think today I’m going to go to Mexico. I’m going to dip my toes into the white sand, and run through the cool blue water. I’m going to ride a dolphin into the sunset, and talk with the starfish all night long. That is what I’m doing today.”

The journalists became very excited, and tried to ask her other questions. But she just smiled.

The next day, she came outside with the stroller and began her daily walk. The same journalist asked her again: “What are you doing today, Mrs. Star?”

She stopped once again, and smiled. Her smile was so bright, it made the journalists all smile.

“I think I’m going to go to Switzerland today. I’m going to run through the mountains, and pet a mountain lion. I’m going to eat all the chocolate I can, and visit the inside of the tinest clock. I shall build a fort within the tiny clock, for my children to play in.”

Once again, the journalists asked her more questions, and again, she smiled and went inside.

The third day, she began her daily walk. The journalist asked her the same question: “What are you doing today, Mrs. Star?”

She stopped, and gave that same glowing smile.

“Today I am going to Africa. I’m going to run through the plains with the lions. I’m going to stand next to the pyramids, and ride the tallest camel to the top. I will judge the annual Race of the Cheetahs, and celebrate at their annual Cheetah bash by doing the rain dance.”

Once again, she simply smiled as the other journalists asked her questions, and went inside.

On the fourth day, she came out for her daily walk. The other journalists were silent as the journalist asked: “Mrs. Star, what are you doing today?”

She smiled, pushing back her blond curls. “Today, I am going to Louisiana. I’m going to drive through the swamps in a tiny boat with a giant fan on the back. I shall dance on the docks with a Voodoo woman named Bertha. The alligators will play violen as the herons dance in the air.”

The journalists only asked a few questions this time, as she smiled and went inside her house.

On the fifth day, she came outside for her daily walk. Today, like the days before, the journalist asked her: “Mrs. Star, what are you doing today?”

She shook her blond curls and smiled. “Today, I’m going deep into the woods of Alaska. I will have tea with black bears and visit the Moose King. He will present me with a crown of glacier ice and pine wood, while the wood nymphs make me a long dress out of oil. The seals tell jokes until dawn, laughing and clapping all night.”

The journalists asked her a few questions, and she smiled to go inside. This time, the journalist, the one who’d asked her the same question every day, asked her another question.

“Mrs. Star, tell me, do you really go to these places everyday?”

She turned half way, and smiled. She took off her big black sunglasses, and the journalists were startled to see her clear blue eyes. They stared at her in awe.

“Mr. Journalist,” she said. “I can go anywhere I want everyday. Anyone can. You should try it sometime.”

“But how?” he asked curiously.

“Dream,” she said, turning and walking back to her home. “Just dream.”

That night, the journalist did dream. He dreamt of walking a tightrope between clouds, as the movie star flipped on the trapeze above him. He dreamed that birds juggled and bears sung, as he landed into a giant net of raindrops.

The next day, he stood in front of the movie stars home. As she began her daily walk, she stopped. Before he could ask his question, she smiled and said, “So Mr. Journalist, what did you do yesterday?”

He smiled. “I dreamed.”
copyright M.Koerner 2006