Thursday, May 17, 2007

You TELL me

Dear Invisible Friends,

My fragile ego has had all it can take. What do you people want from me??? Do you want pictures, more stories about my "real" life, what? Do you like the GLUG and his friends? Do you like continuing sagas? Do you like the Land of the Flowered Bed and it's furry inhabitants?

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??????????????????????????????????

I write and write and no comments!!! My fragile ego thrives on a few words of encouragement, disgust, whatever emotion you're feeling.

So please, tell me what you'd like to see. And leave a comment. Or twenty.

Distressingly yours,

The Blonde Duck


Mama K said...

Of course I'm prejudice but I like stories about you and Ben....makes me feel closer to ya'll since you are SO FAR away.

Mom said...

I like the stories about you and Ben as well, but I really love the stories about the land of the flower bed and the glugs. I have even experienced a few glugs on my windsheild, but thank goodness, they don't talk to me. So keep writing, I love it all. I just sometimes don't know what to say. Love ya.