Saturday, May 26, 2007

Writing update

Writing update: At first, I was going to do an entire post on the writing conference, where I met my good buddy Emma ( Then, being the superstitious weirdo I am, I worried I might jinx myself if I talked about all the awesome things that happened. Regardless, I had a wonderful time and met some awesome people. I've also done nothing but edit and re-format my book to submit to a few publishing houses. If you happened to walk by the Pond and see a crazed looking figure through a window blearily hitting "enter" for hours at five in the morning and late at night, that was me. But now everything is done, so I can start work on my second novel, finish "Miss Pickles" and edit my collection of short stories. Hooray! (Tired yet? I'm just getting started!)

It may sound cliche, but I'm really hoping my career as a novelist takes off. There's so many stories and ideas bouncing around in my brain, I feel as though my fingers can't fly over the keyboard fast enough to tell them more. There's so much I want to do, so much I want to say. I think I could write for a million years, and I'd still have another few pages to fill.

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