Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ode to Rice Krispie Treats

Ode to Rice Krispie Treats and Why I Love Thee
Oh Rice Kripie Treats,
How I love thee.
Your crispy exterior crunches,
oh so satisfyingly.
With the marshmallow creme
draped gracefully around you,
creating a bond that can only be broken,
by the crunch of molars.
Late at night or as a mid-morning snack,
you're the perfect remedy.
The sweet taste and light taste,
keeps me coming back.
The best rice krispie treats are homemade,
With the nutritional information far, far away.
Somehow the crunch is much sweeter,
when the amount of calories is no where near.
For dinner or lunch, at night or at noon,
Rice Krispie treats are the perfect solution.
These treats are an utter addiction,
it's easy to inhale and entire batch in one session.
Though my thighs and tummy may not agree,
I think Rice Krispie treats are perfect for me.
Oh, Rice Krispie treats, how I adore thee,
Your crispy exterior crunches oh so satisfyingly.
I think I shall have a treat tonight,
and perhaps another this evening.
Maybe another for breakfast,
and surely- I could have another for a snack. Just this once.