Thursday, August 03, 2006

Success in WaffleLand

I should have known when I started craving Macadamia nut pancakes at noon it was going to be a Waffle Day. I've never had Macadamia nut pancakes, but they should absolutely delicious. That's what I get for listening to house while I clean bathrooms.

So when Ben came home and requested waffles for dinner, I dashed into the kitchen like there was a free puppy give away. I had the waffle iron out before he even requested bacon.

I was determined not to screw these waffles up. After my last disastrous attempt, this was my attempt to redeem myself. Ben even asked, "Can you not burn them?" I just glared at him and he went back into a pitiful ball on the couch.

I had cooked the eggs and mixed the mix, carefully making sure I measured all my ingredients correctly. After mixing it with a spoon vigorously to ensure everything was mixed, I poured it in. I had a mortal fear of leaving powered mix in the middle of the pancake, which would taste terrible I'm sure.

I filled the iron and shut the lid and stared at it warily. What trickery would it spew forth? Would dough flow from it like a chocolate fountain, or would a perfect waffle emerge? I stared and stared, waiting for a slight change.

The machine clicked, and dough flowed over the side into a white puddle on the counter. I cursed! I had failed the waffles! I had started on the path to despair and mushy doughy waffles. I was going to cry. I snuck a glance at my husband. He was enthralled by the television. Maybe there was a chance at salvation.

I mopped up the dough on the counter and eyed it as I chewed my eggs. The iron was quiet, cooking away happily.

"That's right," I muttered, staring it down with my superior pouring skills. "I can make waffles. You know it."

The waffle iron chose to respond by flashing the ready light. I hurled myself over the counter and gingerly opened the lid. In front of me laid a brown, crispy waffle. It was utter perfection. I wiggled in excitement and dumped it on a plate before it could change it's mind. I pranced to the living room, where it's warm aroma enticed my husband to look away for long enough to shove a chunk in his mouth before staring at the TV again.

Over the next four waffles, they only drizzled on the counter a few more times! I have regained my waffle status! I am now the expert waffle goddess, set to entice all with my crispy light waffles and delicious syrup! Next stop: Macadamia nut pancakes! How good they sound!