Friday, December 22, 2006

Ode to Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats and Why I Love Thee

Ode to Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats and Why I love Thee
Ode to brown sugar frosted mini wheats and why I love thee
Your sweet sugary taste is one like no other,
After I eat one bowl, I desperately want another.
Every night I fight the cravings.
The sweet taste is one of perfection,
It is not sugary sweet,
but is an explosion of maple sugar,
Causing my tongue to faint in utter anticipation.
The perfect bowl of frosted cereal,
is complemented by a half peanut butter sandwich.
The sweet lure of the cereal, is then topped off with the rich buttery flavor.
I can't stop eating it,
no matter how I try.
The bowl magically refills itself and the spoon is ready and waiting,
Stopping is an impossible choice- and I'm not quite sure why.
The cool milk lulls me to sleep,
Filling up my belly and making the night complete.
While some might find this to be an over the top endorsement,
Let me just say: It's soooo worth it!
I scour the grocery stores looking for boxes,
going through cartons and crates.
When I find a hidden supply,
I happily replenish my stock.
When guests come to stay the night,
the boxes are hidden away,
deep within crevices and cabinets,
and far out of sight.
Possessive over my cereal I may be,
Even a tad obsessive perhaps,
but whatever noun you may choose to use,
that just means there's more cereal for me!
So while I am slumped over in a sugar coma,
don't even think about stealing my precious cereal.
For even if I'm hooked up to an I.V. and barely breathing,
one thing is for sure:
I can always eat!