Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A birthday and Ben

It's Mama K's birthday today, and I thought I'd write a blog to honor her. At first, I thought about doing a mushy blog. Nah, I thought. We've had enough mushiness, bring on the comedy. Then I thought of doing a story about every one's favorite, Chihuahua, Ace.

Ace the Chihuahua

Then, I thought to myself, no, she'd rather have a story about Ben.

A flash of inspiration struck me, and all the sudden it seemed to clear. What could be more perfect than a story about Ben and Ace?

Ta Da! It took a lot of thinking, but I finally dug up my favorite Ace and Ben memory. This is the story of Ben, Ace and a jar of peanut butter. I love peanut butter. But for once in my life, it's not about me.

Ace loves food. He loves every kind of food except bananas. Even if it's not edible or tasty, there's a good chance he'll eat it. Ben's favorite thing to do is torment Ace. You can see the disaster unfolding.

One day, I was munching on a snack when Ben grabs a jar of peanut butter and begins to eat spoonfuls out of it. Ace, terrified of missing out on a smackeral of peanut butter, hops around his feet like a jackrabbit.

"Please give me some peanut butter!" Ace pleaded silently, springing up into the air over and over. "Please give me some tasty tasty peanut butter!"

"Yum, yum, yum," Ben hummed to himself, happily scooping out more peanut butter. He grinned as Ace began to throw his tiny body in the air.

"If I twirl around, they'll give me some peanut butter!" he thought to himself. "Twirl! Spin! Twirl!"

"Let's give Ace some peanut butter," Ben says, grinning wickedly at me. I roll my eyes. This could only lead to trouble.

"Oh God yes!" Ace flips over happily on his belly. "Finally, some peanut butter!"

Ace pranced happily as Ben dug out an enormous spoonful of peanut butter.

"Do you think he should eat all that?" I stare at the glob of peanut butter that's the size of a small planet.

"Yea," Ben grins. "He'll like it." He reaches down and shoves the entire spoonful of peanut butter into Ace's mouth. Ace's eyes bulge like a frog, and he gags as he tries to chew the peanut butter. Making small choking sounds, he smacks his jaw open and closed like an alligator wrapped in duck tape.

"He's choking!" I squeal, swooping to save the dog. Ben holds me back. "No, look at him!" Ben's voice is in awe. He only wishes he could chew that much peanut butter.

Ace wipes the mass of peanut butter on his paw. From there, he begins to lick it off.

"Look at his tongue!" Ben cackles, holding his stomach in glee. "Look at it go!"

Ace begins to frantically lick the peanut butter off his foot like it may jump off and slink away. Ben only giggles harder as Ace's tongue whips in and out of his mouth faster than a snake. Finally, with one good lick, the peanut butter is gone. Ace is stuffed, Ben is happy and my eyes have permanently rolled to the back of my head.

Yet, every time we go back, Ace begs for peanut butter. And Ben always gives it to him.