Thursday, June 28, 2007

Marco Polo



The cricket hopped through the hall, looking from left to right slowly. "Marco!"

"Polo!" Another cricket peeked out behind a plant. As the first cricket crawled by him, he moved farther behind the plant.

"Marco!" the first cricket called, running down the edge of the right wall. "Marco!"

"Polo!" the second cricket whispered softly, running behind a umbrella. The first cricket whirled around, his antennae twitching attentively. "Marco!" he called, hopping towards the plant.

"Polo!" the second cricket called, scurrying under the couch.

"Marco!" the first cricket yelled, running towards the umbrella. "Polo!" the second cricket called, recessing under the couch.

"Marco!" the first cricket said, running towards the couch.

"Polo." the second cricket whispered and flattened himself against the dirty floor.

"Marco polo!" the first cricket cried, running under the couch and tagging the second cricket.

"Awww," the second cricket complained. "You got me."

"It's your turn to chase now. I'm going to go hide."

"Wait!" the second cricket hissed, "The cat's coming."

The cat sauntered by the couch, her eyes only flickering to the crickets for a brief moment.

"You're supposed to play Marco Polo in water, you know," the cat drawled as she sauntered off.

The first cricket looked at the second cricket and scoffed. "Who would want to play Marco Polo in water?"